SMART Recovery at Banyan Stuart

At Banyan Detox Stuart, we offer several approaches to addiction treatment and therapies. After completing our Banyan detox program, many patients enter our Treasure Coast SMART Recovery program.

When offered in conjunction with other therapies, this treatment approach is effective at helping patients better manage their thoughts and emotions to live a more balanced life. If you or a loved one is in search of effective therapies for addiction, we invite you to learn more about our SMART Recovery program at Banyan Detox Stuart.

The Benefits of SMART Recovery in Stuart

To understand SMART Recovery’s benefits, it’s important to dissect the pillars of the program. So, what is SMART Recovery? SMART Recovery is a therapeutic approach focused on Self-Management and Recovery Training.

This type of therapy helps patients by assisting them in developing skills that are crucial to long-term sobriety:

  • Building motivation
  • Controlling emotions
  • Curbing urges, especially urges to use drugs or drink
  • Managing thoughts
  • Managing behaviors

The goal of our Treasure Coast SMART Recovery program is to help patients live a more balanced, sober life. Patients who participate in our Stuart FL SMART Recovery program develop the necessary skills for lasting sobriety along with finding the motivation for staying on track in recovery.

This program has many benefits:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Sobriety motivation
  • Better self-control for patients
  • Increased self-responsibility

The Self-Empowerment of SMART Recovery in Stuart

Addiction and alcoholism can be very isolating challenges and many people in recovery feel powerless to resist the urges and temptations of relapse. You may feel that you’re powerless to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. But SMART Recovery helps patients understand their own power to overcome their challenges and gain control and it can help you too.

With the guidance of a Treasure Coast SMART Recovery therapist, you can build the confidence and skills needed to better control the direction your life takes. Patients leave our SMART program feeling empowered to better control their own sobriety and destiny in recovery. Our SMART program helps patients identify better thought and behavior patterns so they can focus on what to do instead of drinking or doing drugs rather than fixating on negative thought patterns or actions.

If you are struggling with addiction or if you have a loved one who needs treatment for recovery, we invite you to contact our team at Banyan Detox Stuart. We offer detoxification and additional therapies such as SMART Recovery in Stuart, Florida. Contact our admissions team to learn more about this program and its benefits for long-lasting recovery. Call  888-422-2139 now.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Detox Stuart our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction are able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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