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Veterans in Recovery Program at Banyan Boca

Banyan Treatment Centers Boca is proud to announce their Veterans in Recovery rehab program. As a drug and alcohol treatment center in Boca Raton, we understand that drug and alcohol abuse are common disorders among veterans. Service members often experience an immense amount of trauma while deployed and often return home with various psychological issues. The traumatic experiences they’ve endured in their line of work often lead them to substance abuse. Drugs or alcohol may offer temporary relief from disturbing thoughts and emotions, but it always does more harm than good. Substance abuse is never the answer to any problems and only worsens underlying conditions and causes physical damage. Because the rate of substance abuse is so high among military personnel, our facility wanted to incorporate a rehab program for veterans.

Veterans in Recovery Rehab Program in Boca Raton

A large percentage of service members who fought or experienced conflict in the line of duty often return home with mental disorders. Symptoms of mental illness are often difficult to manage without treatment or professional help. Many veterans find themselves struggling with their mental health and don’t know where else to turn. In an attempt to self-medicate, these individuals may turn to drugs or alcohol. Not only will they continue to struggle with their mental disorder, but they may also develop a physical dependence. This is a situation that way too many veterans are currently trapped in. Fortunately, our rehab facility has created an addiction treatment program that’s just for them. Veterans in Recovery at Banyan Treatment Centers Boca offers servicemen and women the care and guidance they need to overcome addiction and live healthy and happy lives.

Substance Abuse Treatment Offered in Our Veterans in Recovery Program

In order to ensure that our service members get the most well-rounded care possible, our addiction treatment for veterans incorporates a variety of comprehensive methods.


Medical detox is usually the first step in substance abuse treatment for most patients at our drug rehab in Boca Raton. Our medically monitored detox is led by our trained and licensed medical staff. Team members leading these treatments are equipped to administer any medications or other forms of care as needed. Detox is a crucial step in Veterans in Recovery and addiction recovery in general because it helps mitigate withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings.

We offer a variety of detox programs in Boca, including:

Inpatient Treatment

Following medical detox, patients may then move on to residential drug and alcohol treatment. Our residential drug treatment in Boca is a form of inpatient treatment. This program requires patients to stay at our rehab facility for the duration of their treatment. A patient has a higher chance of completing their treatment when they’re separated from any distractions and things that could trigger their addiction. In Veterans in Recovery, residential treatment is a crucial aspect of the recovery process.

Mental Health Care

Mental illness is extremely common among service members, the most common being post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mental illness is often a contributing factor to substance abuse and that’s why Veterans in Recovery involves a mental health program. Treating addiction in veterans is about treating the physical and emotional effects of drug addiction. That’s why we offer separate forms of care for mental health and physical dependence to ensure that each aspect of their condition is addressed.


In addition to detox and inpatient treatment, the Veterans in Recovery program in Boca Raton also incorporates a variety of addiction therapies.

Therapies offered in our substance abuse treatment for veterans include:

Addiction-Specific Programs

Every form of physical dependence is different. Each substance produces its own set of side effects. Because substance abuse disorders vary in their symptoms, the methods of care used to treat them should also be unique.

Veterans in Recovery includes several forms of addiction treatments, including:

Our rehab program for service members leaves no stone unturned. When it comes to treating addiction, Veterans in Recovery is dedicated to helping the men and women who serve our country get the help they need to achieve sobriety.

If you’re a veteran in need or know someone who is, contact us now to find out more about our rehab program for veterans in Boca.

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