At Banyan Alaska, we understand the hurdles individuals confront on their journey to recovery. That's why our SMART Recovery Meetings are designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills essential for permanent transformation. By embracing the principles of SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training), our approach emphasizes self-empowerment, self-reliance, and practical solutions that promote permanent transformation. We hope to see each veteran that walks through our doors discover the power they must make the changes they are after in life.

What Is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is an innovative and scientifically proven approach to addiction rehabilitation.1 Self-Management and Recovery Training, as its name implies, gives people a realistic and powerful framework for overcoming addictive behaviors and bringing about long-lasting change. In contrast to conventional 12-step programs, SMART Recovery places a strong emphasis on self-reliance and empowerment while emphasizing tools and procedures with a science-based foundation that supports sustained recovery.

At the core of SMART Recovery are the Four Points, which form the program's foundation. These points include building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and living a balanced life. Through the application of these concepts, participants gain useful abilities, like goal setting, problem-solving, and emotional management, enabling them to take charge of their life and make wise decisions.

Emphasizing evidence-based methods is one of SMART Recovery's distinguishing characteristics. Participants study and put into practice tried-and-true techniques from motivational interviewing, rational emotive behavior therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). These methods assist people in creating practical coping skills, dispelling absurd ideas, and cultivating a mentality that promotes sustained healing.

The Benefits of a SMART Recovery Program

A SMART Recovery meeting has many advantages for anyone looking to recover from addiction. Participants can experience life-changing transformations by adopting self-empowerment ideas and evidence-based practices.

Benefits of SMART Recovery meetings include:

  • Self-empowerment: This program urges people to actively participate in their recovery process. Participants in the program have a sense of empowerment and control over their habits and decisions thanks to the program's focus on self-management.
  • Supportive community: Enrolling in SMART Recovery groups links people with a community of people who share similar values. Participants can share their experiences, get new perspectives, and get advice from peers and skilled facilitators by attending meetings.
  • Personalized recovery plan: These programs assist people in creating a customized recovery plan that caters to their unique requirements and objectives. This strategy acts as a road map, offering guidance and emphasis throughout the healing process.
  • Goal setting and accountability: SMART Recovery stresses the significance of establishing realistic goals and monitoring development. Participants can celebrate accomplishments and maintain their commitment to their recovery thanks to this method, which encourages accountability and motivation.
  • Practical life skills: SMART rehabilitation provides people with useful life skills in addition to addiction rehabilitation. Participants pick up helpful coping skills, problem-solving techniques, and wholesome techniques for controlling thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

For those ready to access the many benefits of these innovative programs, our Anchorage treatment center offers a fantastic environment to do so.

Heal With Our Alaska Rehab

SMART Recovery is only one of the many programs offered by our facility. Our clients are able to pursue addiction treatment for a variety of substance use disorders, ensuring that people in all kinds of situations can get the help they need. As one of the best outpatient treatment centers in Alaska, we seek to empower each and every individual that walks through our doors.

Contact Banyan Treatment Centers Alaska to learn how we can help you or the veteran in your life achieve sobriety and wellness today.


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