Fun Sober Holiday Activities

Fun Sober Holiday Activities

After finishing addiction treatment in Stuart, it can be challenging to approach the holiday season with your newfound sobriety.

Sadly, many holiday parties center around drinking or other triggers that make staying sober over the holidays a struggle. At Banyan Detox Stuart, our center for addiction treatment in Stuart, we’re sharing tips to help newly sober individuals stay sober through the holidays. Here are our sober holiday tips and favorite sober holiday activities.

Sober Holiday Tips

When you’re newly sober for the holidays, staying sober through them can seem difficult. Your home environment differs from detox centers in Florida, and readjusting to everyday life during the holidays can be challenging. Follow these sober holiday tips to bring ease to your sober holidays:

  • Know your triggers and develop an exit plan
  • Stay in contact with your sponsor
  • Attend meetings wherever you may be
  • Be honest with yourself and those around you
  • Be kind to yourself

With these sober holiday tips, you can safely make it through your first holiday season with your newfound sobriety. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we believe you should do more than just survive – you should also enjoy the holiday season! There are many fun sober holiday activities you can enjoy this season.

Sober Holiday Activities

Our detox center in Florida knows the best way to stay sober through the holidays is to enjoy fun sober holiday activities. Here are some of our favorite sober holiday activities:

  • Sober holiday parties. There are many social circles that hold sober holiday parties, and when everyone else is committed to sobriety, it’s easy to celebrate.
  • Cookie decorating. Christmas cookies are synonymous with celebrations, and decorating these treats is something that’s perfect for everyone.
  • Getting crafty. Everyone loves a handmade holiday gift, and crafting is a wonderful sober holiday activity. First, it keeps your hands busy on a specific goal. Second, it helps you focus on your creativity.

These sober holiday tips and activities make it much easier to navigate your first holiday season with your newfound sobriety. For more tips, contact our detox center in Florida. Call us today at 888-280-4763!

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