Detoxification cleanses the body of drugs and alcohol, allowing an individual to abstain from further substance use while promoting physical safety. Our detox rehabilitation programs at Banyan Sebring are the first step in overcoming a drug or alcohol use disorder.

Substance and alcohol abuse can change a person’s brain chemistry, making it physically and psychologically difficult for them to stop using these substances on their own. If you or someone you know is currently in this position, our Florida drug detox programs can help.

What Is a Detox Program?

Otherwise referred to as medically supervised detox, a drug detox program is the process in which a person is gradually weaned off drugs and alcohol until it’s completely out of their system. Drug and alcohol detox programs that are administered at facilities like our drug rehab in Sebring, FL, are led by a medical team to ensure that clients remain safe and as comfortable as possible as they experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are common in detox. They’re the most common indicators of physical dependence, which occurs when a person is unable to function normally without a particular drug or alcohol in their system.

Physical dependence can build up within a few weeks to a few months, depending on the type of drug and the severity of drug use. Withdrawal symptoms may include headache, fever, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and more, depending on the substance the person is detoxing from.

Drug addiction detox programs play a huge role in the recovery process because they help clients safely overcome withdrawals under 24-hour care and supervision. It’s common for addicts to relapse during a detox due to the discomfort and pain of withdrawals, which is why at-home attempts are often unsuccessful.

Detoxing at home is also dangerous, as certain drugs can cause life-threatening withdrawals. What’s more, those who have used drugs for years are much more likely to start and stick with their treatment programs if they undergo detox first.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

Many people will attempt to complete a drug or alcohol detox at home as a quick-fix solution. However, this is not a viable nor safe option for individuals addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, or prescription drugs.

Particularly in scenarios where an altered state of consciousness is a factor, a person can choke on their vomit or become dehydrated to the point of death. Both the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and the presence of accompanying drug cravings can contribute to relapse during detox when symptoms aren’t properly managed.

Drug cravings can be immensely difficult to resist when withdrawal feels too uncomfortable to manage. For these reasons, getting professional support and the assistance of a medical team can make a big difference in preventing relapse, ensuring safety, managing pain during withdrawal, and increasing the likelihood of continued treatment.

Our Detox Rehabilitation Programs in Sebring

We offer various substance-specific drug and alcohol detox programs for detoxification and rehabilitation and to ensure that all clients have the care they need accessible regardless of the substance they’re addicted to.

Our Sebring drug rehab offers the following drug detox programs:

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Benzodiazepine Detox
  • Cocaine Detox
  • Heroin Detox
  • Methamphetamine Detox
  • Opioid Detox
  • Prescription Drug Detox

During detox, clients are placed on a tapering schedule, during which they’re slowly weaned off of the drug they're addicted to. Our medical team supervises clients’ progress 24/7 to ensure they’re as safe and comfortable as possible. To make clients comfortable, our team may also administer medication (as needed.)

Get Drug Detox Help Today

To ensure the best possible outcomes, complete care, including psychotherapy, support groups, educational services, and community support, is needed. Banyan Treatment Centers is a leading provider of safe and effective detoxification and rehabilitation for addiction.


If you’d like to learn more about the levels of addiction care offered at our Sebring, FL, drug rehab, including programs like detox, contact Banyan Sebring today for free.


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