Medically monitored detox, or medical detox, is usually the first step in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Since withdrawal from alcohol and certain drugs can be life-threatening in severe cases, drug detox is necessary for ensuring the individual’s safety and recovery. Medical drug detox is indicated for all people who show signs of physical drug dependence. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, our medically supervised detox in Sebring, FL, can help.

What Is Medical Detox?

While you may think of a cleanse from unhealthy foods when you hear the word “detox,” medical detox refers to a medication-assisted treatment used to help people with drug dependencies slowly quit those substances. During this process, clients are slowly weaned or tapered off a substance they’re addicted to, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or both

Our team is led by a physician and consists of nurses, clinical staff, and therapists to ensure that clients’ physical and mental needs are met. Because drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine can attack the mind during detox and lead to symptoms like psychosis, it’s important that clients also receive emotional support during this stage of recovery.

Like diabetes, asthma, or arthritis, addiction is a chronic disease that can be managed but also “flare-up” when the person is exposed to certain situations. Medically assisted detox plays a similar role in treating substance use disorder that an emergency department in a hospital plays in the management of long-term medical problems.

Similar to an ER visit for an asthma attack, our medically supervised detox in Sebring provides stabilization for and sets clients up to reach a full recovery, but by itself does not change the long-term course of the person’s condition. For most people who seek inpatient or residential addiction treatment, medical detoxification is the first step of recovery.


Signs You Need to Detox From Drugs or Alcohol

Who needs medical detox? When should someone with a drug addiction detox?

The most common sign that you need to detox from drugs or alcohol is physical dependence. When someone is physically dependent on a substance, they’re unable to feel “normal” without that drug in their system. They may also experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop using the drug or if they severely cut down their regular dose.

Common signs of physical dependence include:

  • The person has been using a substance regularly in large amounts
  • The person has used a substance over an extended period
  • The person has experienced a diminished effect over time from using the same amount of a substance
  • The individual requires increasing amounts of a substance to achieve the same effects
  • The person craves a substance regularly when they do not have access to it
  • They tried to quit using a substance and found that they could not do so without help

People with substance use disorders usually seek out Florida medical detox when they’re at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. In addition to tolerance (the need for larger doses of a drug to achieve the same effect), the presence of withdrawals indicates that the body has become dependent on a particular substance.

What happens to the body during withdrawal depends on the chemical effects of the particular drug the individual has been using. For instance, while opioids depress the nervous system, stimulants like cocaine and meth stimulate it, and the withdrawals produced by these drugs may vary because of their chemical differences.


Where to Go for Medical Detox

When you decide to look for a medical detox in Florida, you’ll likely search for nearby options. But then what? How do you know which program is best for you?

All medical detox centers should be fully licensed, staffed with professionals, and provide 24-hour care. Luckily, that’s exactly what our Sebring detox center offers. We are:

  • Fully licensed and accredited by the state of Florida
  • Have a team of professional and experienced personnel who can respond to clients’ medical needs and keep them as comfortable and safe as possible
  • Provide 24-hour access to treatment to ensure we help as many people as possible

If you’re not sure where to go for medical detox, come to our drug rehab in Sebring, FL, to learn what we have to offer. Our medical team works with patients daily, offering medication-assisted care (as needed) to alleviate any discomfort or pain they may be experiencing during detox.

Detox is a major step in the recovery process because it sets the tone for the individual’s recovery. Medically supervised detox offers clients a safe, clean, and supportive environment where they can take their time withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Our Florida detox facility not only ensures that clients are safe and healthy through this process, but our services also reduce the likelihood of relapse by helping patients overcome drug or alcohol cravings and learn how to manage any difficult withdrawals that may present themselves during treatment. 


Contact Our Sebring Detox Center

Most clients who come to our Highlands County drug rehab for drug or alcohol addiction treatment will need supervised medical detoxification. Banyan Sebring, a full-service facility for substance abuse treatment, offers drug detox for alcohol, benzos, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids, and prescription pills 24 hours a day.

Our 24-hour nursing staff is equipped to handle even the most complex detoxes, including clients who used multiple substances or who have co-occurring mental health disorders. Our medically supervised detox services are individualized to each client’s needs to ensure they get the most out of their time with us.


Recovery is within your reach. With medically supervised detox as the first step in the addiction treatment process, our Sebring, FL, drug rehab can help you or a loved one progress toward sobriety.

Contact Banyan Treatment Centers today to connect with a program coordinator and learn how to get started.


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Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Mental health and substance abuse treatment don’t need to be out of reach. At Banyan Sebring, we want to assist as many people as we can, which is why we accept a variety of insurance plans to help people get the care they need. Even if you do not have health insurance, we work with you to find other ways to pay for treatment. Contact Banyan Treatment Center Sebring today to see if your insurance covers your treatment program and to talk about alternatives if necessary.

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