Why Offices are Banning Alcohol at Parties

Why Offices are Banning Alcohol at Parties

Company holiday parties are an opportunity to celebrate the end of the year, an opportunity for employees to bond, and a challenging place for newly sober individuals.

After completing alcohol treatment in Massachusetts, many people have a tough time navigating their holiday party at work. Luckily, many businesses are opting for sober holiday parties. There are many reasons for this shift, including liability concerns. If you are planning an alcohol-free party, here are dry holiday party ideas from our addiction experts in Massachusetts.

Why Businesses Are Choosing Sober Office Parties

There are many reasons for businesses choosing dry holiday parties. Many employers do not want liability for issues between employees, and hosting a sober party helps ensure that liability is not placed on employers. With 112 million instances of drinking and driving in 2010 alone, many businesses do not want to be responsible for providing alcohol to employees. [1] Sober office parties are also on the rise in support of those who have completed alcoholism treatment around Massachusetts and beyond. As more people receive treatment, some companies choose to avoid presenting a temptation to newly sober individuals.

Planning a Sober Office Party

Planning a sober holiday party should still be the same party planning process but without the pricy drink order. There are many dry holiday party themes, such as eras of time or ugly sweater themes. There are also many dry holiday party ideas for activities that everyone can enjoy, such as a white elephant gift exchange.

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