Stabilization Program in Massachusetts

There are many different factors that contribute to an active addiction, and many of these factors don’t vanish after sobriety is achieved. While our drug rehab near Boston works to help patients develop the tools they need to stay sober, relapse can still happen after a patient completes the treatment program. There are many factors contributing to relapse, but there are also ways of getting back on track after relapse. Our stabilization program for addiction supports those who are ready to get back on the path of recovery after relapse.

How Common is Relapse?

Relapse is more common than many think; the relapse rates for substance use disorders are 40-60%.1 This does not mean that a person is definitely going to relapse without question, but it does mean that if you have relapsed, you are not alone. In fact, some view it as a part of the recovery process and should be treated as any other challenge.

Relapse is caused by many different factors. As with any other medical treatment, relapse occurs when the patient stops following the recommended protocol for long-term success. In terms of addiction and alcoholism, this often means skipping meetings or losing touch with the support systems they’ve established after getting sober.

Relapse Prevention Therapy at Banyan Mass

After relapse, patients need to re-enter our treatment program to get back on track. Typically, this involves entering an addiction day treatment program for 14 days to ensure that patients have detoxed from the substances involved in the relapse. Following this stabilization program, patients will return to the proper level of treatment for their needs.

Relapse treatment is aimed at helping patients get back on track after a relapse occurs. It involves several elements of care, including detox, therapy, and support. We also incorporate elements of relapse prevention to help patients stay on track for long-term sobriety.

Understanding How to Prevent Relapse

In addition to treating relapse when it occurs, our treatment team offers stabilization programs aimed at relapse prevention. There is a greater understanding of the mechanisms behind relapse, and thus a greater ability to help treat these challenges before they lead to relapse.

At our Massachusetts addiction treatment center, we understand that relapse can and does happen. But a relapse does not mean that you have failed at finding sobriety, it is a step in the journey that you can recover from with the right stabilization program for addiction. We support long-lasting recovery with PHP, IOP, OP, alumni programs, and stabilization programs. Contact Banyan Massachusetts today to learn how we can help you get back on track with relapse treatment.


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