Telehealth for Mental Health

Telehealth is a safe and convenient option for getting behavioral health care in the comfort of one’s home. Telehealth is especially beneficial for individuals with busy schedules, families to care for, or who lack a steady form of transportation. By having the option to receive mental health treatment at home, clients don’t have to worry about arranging to take time off work, have transportation, or for childcare. Banyan Treatment Centers offers telehealth for mental health at a variety of our facilities to help as many communities as possible recover from disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the services offered in this treatment and how we support long-term recovery.

Telehealth And Mental Health

Also referred to as telemedicine, teletherapy, or telepsychiatry, telehealth is a form of healthcare in which the patient meets with their provider online via video chat, direct chat, or telephone call. Telehealth allows psychiatrists and therapists to provide services to patients outside of the office, such as at the patient’s home or workplace.

During a telehealth appointment, patients may meet with their healthcare providers via video calls on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our behavioral health appointments may also include voice calls or text messages. In addition, Smartphone apps are often used in behavioral telehealth care, such as video chatting apps like Skype or Zoom.

Therapists may have clients download apps on their phones to help keep track of their progress throughout treatment, such as an app for tracking mood. Other apps may help to improve your behavioral health outside of appointments, such as journaling apps or apps with guided meditations.

Patients can prepare for their telehealth appointments by finding a quiet place with a reliable internet connection. If theirs is a private session and not a family session, they shouldn’t have anyone else in the room with them. This will make them feel comfortable enough to be open and honest with their behavioral health care provider.   

Telehealth for mental health also provides an opportunity for consultation with family members, teachers, and other providers involved in the client’s care. Patients who undergo this form of mental health treatment can receive the same form of care that they would if they were to go in person and can keep their appointments regularly.

Teletherapy platforms for mental health provide patients with benefits that may lead to better care. We understand how difficult it can be to rearrange your schedule to come to the facility, and oftentimes such difficulties or a lack of transportation keeps patients from receiving the treatment they need.

One of the major benefits of telehealth for mental health is eliminating commute time and the need for transportation, which can lead to less stress. This is especially true for individuals who are scheduled to see their therapists often. Considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes it forced in healthcare, teletherapy is also beneficial for patients who are sick or traveling and aren’t able to make it to their in-person sessions.

Virtual Mental Health IOP

Our telehealth platforms for mental health at Banyan rehab locations are held on an intensive outpatient level of care. Otherwise referred to as IOP, intensive outpatient treatment is a level of care that includes individual and group therapy sessions 3 to 5 times per week, usually in the afternoons or evenings.

Virtual mental health activities and services offered in our Banyan Telehealth program for mental illness include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and more. Each client’s treatment schedule depends on the results of their clinical assessment – which is conducted upon admission – to ensure they have a treatment plan that meets their needs.

Clients in our telehealth IOP for mental health allow patients to virtually meet with our medical, psychiatric, neurofeedback, and dietician providers as needed to move forward in their treatment. At this continuum of care, the goal is for clients to move towards independent living and help them transition to a recovered lifestyle after treatment.

Select Banyan facilities offer telehealth IOP for mental health for disorders like:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Trauma-Related Disorders

Not only does our telehealth mental health care offer patients the convenience of receiving treatment at home or wherever they are, but it also helps them apply the things they’re learning with our team to their daily lives. Applying the skills you’ve learned in rehab can be challenging for clients without practice, which is why this form of care is so beneficial.

Mental Health Telehealth Treatment at Banyan

All of our telehealth sessions for mental health care are private, so clients don’t have to worry about having their information or sessions shared. Even though telehealth appointments take place online, they’re as private as in-person visits.

Our professionals always call from a private space, such as their office. They also use secure patient portals to message, call, and video chat patients, as these connections are more secure than those typically used over the internet. Telehealth video appointments are not recorded, ensuring that the client’s information always remains private.

No matter what mental health disorder or substance use disorder you or a loved one is struggling with, we’re here for you. For more information about our telehealth addiction treatment or mental health care, contact Banyan Treatment Centers today.

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