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Addiction in the workplace is a growing problem that many employers are unfortunately dealing with. Productivity, communication, and performance can all be compromised when an employee is experiencing substance abuse. These effects can be very detrimental for the entire company. Unexplained absences and workplace injuries are serious problems and there are ways to help an individual get the help they deserve. At Banyan Treatment Center, we provide industry-specific addiction treatment in Philadelphia and we can help so many businesses support their employees through recovery. Choosing an affiliate treatment program for your business can help employees easily enter and successfully complete treatment, allowing them to get clean and keep contributing to their personal growth and your business. We specifically provide blue-collar treatment for those who deal with addiction in this industry.

Why Blue-Collar Recovery Programs Work

Professions in the blue-collar industry are linked to higher rates of addiction and Banyan is here to help these individuals overcome the disease. According to SAMHSA, the mining and construction industries have high rates of alcoholism and drug use, making workers in these fields more susceptible to addiction. Workplace injuries can be a major factor for the onset of substance abuse as workers can be prescribed opiates to treat their pain when they get injured on the job. Unfortunately, these strong medications have the potential to be very addicting and the cycle can begin as a result of one injury.

Even though professions in the blue-collar sector have high rates of addiction, there is a solution. Companies can help employees reach sobriety by choosing affiliate addiction treatment programs in Philadelphia. With a treatment facility of choice, businesses can link employees with custom-tailored treatment programs, giving each employee individualized support for their recovery and the chance for a brighter future. By partnering with Banyan Treatment Center, you are helping your employee find sobriety with industry-specific addiction treatment in Philadelphia.  

Customized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

At Banyan Treatment Center, we connect your employees with therapists and clinicians who create a customized treatment plan that fits the needs of the individual. By going through treatment, employees have the chance to solely focus on their sobriety and move past the addiction. They develop the tools needed to successfully transition back into work to become more productive workers and lead a healthier lifestyle. By partnering with an affiliate program for addiction treatment, you are saving lives as well as helping your company grow. You are giving employees the opportunity to right their wrongs and regain control over their lives.

Banyan Treatment Center patients leave treatment stronger than ever. With their newfound sobriety, they are ready to take on all that life throws their way.  Contact us today to learn more about our affiliate addiction treatment programs in Philadelphia. Our industry-specific programs can help so many individuals successfully enter recovery.