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October 23, 2020
opioid brain

How Opioids Affect the Brain

Opioids are often prescribed to treat pain, but many people don’t know much about them. Visit us here to learn more about how opioids affect the brain.
October 15, 2020
The Dangers of Mixing Opioids and Benzos

The Dangers of Mixing Opioids and Benzos

The dangers of mixing opioids and benzos can destroy a person’s health and negatively change their life. Visit us here to learn more about the effects of mixing benzos and opioids.
October 1, 2020
Fentanyl in Delaware

Fentanyl in Delaware

The opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc in The First State. Fentanyl in Delaware is leading the charge and causing major problems.
October 1, 2020
fentanyl bust

Over $1 Million Fentanyl Busts in Merrimack Valley & Fall River

Massachusetts State Police confiscated over $1 million in illicit fentanyl in less than 48 hours. Learn more about these fentanyl busts in the Merrimack Valley and what they mean for the state as a whole.
September 22, 2020

Guide to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment can be used to treat people with certain substance use disorders, but just how effective is MAT in the long run?
September 1, 2020
Using Psychotherapy for Pain Management

Using Psychotherapy for Pain Management

Although often effective, prescription opioids can be addictive. Instead, psychotherapy for pain management may be an alternative to prescription drugs.
August 28, 2020
The Different Types of Psychoactive Drugs

The Different Types of Psychoactive Drugs

Psychoactive drugs may not be exactly what you think. There are several types of psychoactive drugs with a wide range of effects.
August 1, 2020

A Look at The Opioid Crisis in Delaware

Like with the rest of the country, the First State has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. Learn more about the opioid crisis in Delaware and how it compares to the rest of the country.
July 21, 2020
Chronic pain

Alternative Techniques for Chronic Pain Management

The risk of substance abuse from chronic illnesses is higher than many people realize. Unfortunately, these people with serious medical conditions may turn to drugs or alcohol for several reasons.

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