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Outpatient Rehab in Aurora, IL

Outpatient Rehab in Aurora, IL

While detox and residential drug treatment are needed to treat addiction, patients can still use help for recovery after they get sober.

After finishing inpatient treatment, patients can benefit from a little extra help after finishing rehab. Readjusting to everyday life after finishing a treatment program can be difficult, which is why many patients choose additional support for outpatient drug treatment near Aurora, IL.

Conveniently located outpatient drug and alcohol treatment offices are available for personalized, one-on-one support to help with relapse prevention and readjustment to life after rehab. 


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Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment Near Aurora

Addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental health disorders are nationwide problems that can be felt in Aurora too. Many people in search of treatment opportunities need an outpatient program that fits their schedule, and our program does just that.

Patients who chose our outpatient drug treatment near Aurora, IL can receive one-on-one therapy and sobriety support while still working, going to school, taking care of their families, or meeting other personal responsibilities outside of the treatment setting. Our Aurora office is located in the heart of Illinois, putting patients in close proximity to their job, friends, and family to help them meet their responsibilities.

Banyan’s Support for Outpatient Drug Treatment near Aurora, IL

At Banyan Treatment Centers, we’re committed to helping patients through the complete recovery process. Our dedication to supporting patients through recovery inspired the creation of our outpatient office in Aurora to offer patients throughout Illinois the treatment they need. Our outpatient rehab in Aurora, IL offers services such as:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Coaching
  • Sponsorship
  • Ongoing Sobriety Support

Patients visit our outpatient facility for the support they need to continue down the road of recovery. Getting sober is one thing, and staying sober is another challenge entirely. Many people have difficulty sticking to the path of recovery after they readjust to everyday life post-inpatient treatment. This is where outpatient programs like ours can help by giving patients ongoing support for this sensitive time in recovery.

When to Choose Outpatient Drug Treatment

The outpatient step of recovery is for patients who have completed drug, alcohol, or methadone detox and have also completed the inpatient steps of recovery. Outpatient programs give patients additional support for their recovery, including mental health support. Typically, patients are referred to outpatient rehab in Aurora after finishing inpatient or IOP programs. Some also choose to seek out additional outpatient support following relapse or other risky situations. We’re proud to help patients at all stages of outpatient care by giving them the support they need to stick to sobriety.

Finding Mental Health Treatment Around Aurora

Our outpatient office helps with additional support for recovering addicts and those needing general mental health support. Our therapists and licensed clinicians are available to meet with those needing mental health treatment on an individual basis, giving one-on-one therapy for anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

Verifying Insurance for Treatment

In addition to providing OP treatment around Aurora, our outpatient office also offers insurance verification and confirmation for the treatment process. Our outpatient facility provides insurance verification to help patients understand their coverage options. Contact our Aurora office today to learn about your insurance coverage and to learn more about our outpatient support programs.

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