Get to the right person at Banyan

We understand that having a loved one in treatment can be a difficult transition for all. Here at Banyan, we take great pride in offering evidence-based, quality care. If you are looking to speak to someone at one of our facilities, we encourage you to fill out this form to be able to be connected with the proper professional.

Please keep in mind, our staff are very busy caring for your loved ones. We will try to fulfill your contact request as soon as we can! After the form is completed, your request will be sent to the appropriate staff. If you are on a consent for an individual in our care, you will be contacted. They can further assist you with any questions you may have.

Disclaimer: It is crucial to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality in a behavioral healthcare setting; this requires staff to verify the identity. If we are unable to verify your information on consent for a patient in our care, we will be unable to follow up with you and provide communication.

Safe communication to ensure a healing environment.

For admissions, please call:

(888) 643-1286