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Banyan Philadelphia Levels of Addiction Treatment

At Banyan Philadelphia, we understand that in order to have a successful recovery from substance abuse, patients need a treatment plan that is designed to meet their individual needs. Some patients may benefit from more intensive programming whereas others may do fine with a more flexible treatment. Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one, we are here to guide you through the recovery journey and ensure that you find the right type of treatment for addiction.

Our Various Types of Drug Rehab Programs

Because substance abuse disorders can vary widely in severity, our drug rehab in Philadelphia offers different types of addiction treatment meant to serve the needs of people in numerous stages of addiction and recovery. Each one of our levels of addiction care provides comprehensive treatment and is designed with long-term sobriety in mind.

Partial Hospitalization

The most intense of our drug rehabilitation programs, our Philadelphia partial hospitalization program (PHP) is designed to provide patients with 24-hour care and support. During their time in this rehab program, patients will participate in daily treatment therapies including an extensive therapy catalog of proven evidence-based curriculum. Outside of programming, patients will live in an approved sober living facility in the area.

Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program in Philadelphia help patients transition back to life outside of rehab. This level of addiction care still involves regular programming, but patients will begin returning to their normal life schedule. This program also gives patients the opportunity to address outside triggers as they arise.


The most relaxed treatment program at our facility, our outpatient program offers a flexible programming calendar that is meant to accommodate patient’s schedules as they continue to get back to their normal routine. This program offers continued support for patients who are still learning how to live life in recovery.


For some people, relapse is a part of the recovery journey. To help, we have a relapse recovery program that steer people back on track in their sobriety journey. The point of this program is to get patients back into treatment before that one-time relapse turns back into a full-blown addiction.

Choosing the Right Rehab Program

The key to lasting sobriety is finding the right drug rehab program. Because you may be unsure which type of addiction treatment is best for your needs, every patient who comes to our facility will undergo a full clinical assessment before treatment begins. This evaluation ensures that our team not only matches you in the best rehab program for your successful recovery, but also that we are able to create a unique treatment plan with your goals in mind.

Regardless of the level of addiction care that you are placed in initially, all our patients will participate in both group and individual therapy sessions. Along with examining the root causes of their addiction, patients will also learn relapse prevention tactics that they can apply to their everyday lives outside of treatment. These therapy programs are administered by professionals who are experts in their specific fields.

Whether your addiction has already spiraled out of control or is just beginning, get help. Our different rehab programs can help meet you at several points of your treatment and recovery journey to ensure long-term success.

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