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Heroin Addiction Treatment at Banyan Heartland

Since 2013, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths in Illinois has increased by over 70 percent.[1] Though the number of prescriptions for painkillers for opiates has been shrinking, overdoses are still growing.[2] Drugs such as heroin and fentanyl are responsible for the growing threat of deadly overdoses in Illinois. Many heroin users started with prescription opiates such as painkillers, quickly developing an addiction to the drugs. Once the prescription runs out, users are desperate to find their next fix, which leaves many users turning to heroin.

At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we offer heroin addiction treatment in Gilman, complete with all levels of care needed for recovery. This includes medically monitored detox in Illinois to mitigate any discomfort during the detox process. It’s time to get sober with help from our team.

Heroin Addiction Detox in Illinois

Heroin is highly addictive in neural pathways within the brain, and within the body overall. Patients seeking heroin addiction treatment in Gilman need to seek out treatment programs that include support for the detox process. During detox, patients reduce or entirely cease their drug intake, resulting in withdrawals as the body readjusts to life without heroin. Withdrawals can be uncomfortable, but our facility in Heartland for drug and alcohol treatment eases the process with medical support for heroin detox.


Heroin Addiction Treatment in Illinois

After detox is complete, patients move on to the next step of treatment to address the underlying emotional or mental aspects of their addiction. Most patients transition to residential drug treatment in Illinois where they will engage in daily therapies and adhere to a robust schedule designed for individualized recovery.

Our heroin addiction treatment program aims to help patients get to the root of their addiction, uncovering the source of their addictive behaviors and treating these challenges. We also help patients develop tools of lasting sobriety to better resist the temptation of relapse and promote long-term success.


Finding a Center that Treats Heroin Addiction in Illinois

We stand apart from other heroin addiction treatment centers in Illinois with our proven effective approaches to treating this addiction. Our facility incorporates numerous treatments including 12 step programming, medically supported heroin detox and an alumni network for those who have completed treatment.

Heroin is deadly, and fentanyl is making this drug even deadlier. The safest option is to find sobriety, and our team at Banyan Treatment Center Heartland is here to help. We are committed to making heroin addiction treatment as comfortable and safe as possible, with effective support for detox, therapy, and more.


Contact our Banyan Treatment Center Heartland team today to learn more about our heroin addiction treatment in Illinois.



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