The licensed staff at our drug rehab in Philadelphia are trained in various drug addiction therapy programs, including our SMART Recovery Program. SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a form of addiction group therapy that aims to help people with addictions change self-defeating thinking, emotions, and behaviors. The Philadelphia SMART recovery groups offered at Banyan aim to motivate and empower patients to learn more about themselves and the sources of their addictions so they can prepare themselves for life’s many challenges.

What Is SMART Recovery and How Does It Work?

SMART recovery meetings utilize several approaches to empower and educate patients on the causes of addiction so they can control their sobriety.

The SMART recovery four points are: 

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Living a balanced life

In our SMART recovery groups, patients will be able to connect with others in the recovery community and learn more about themselves in the process. We use this program as a part of our Pennsylvania addiction treatment to help patients become independent and self-reliant. While the support of loved ones is crucial, addiction is a common catalyst for codependent relationships and enabling behaviors, both of which are dangerous. Instead, we teach our patients to be responsible and aware of their actions and manage their thoughts and behaviors in sobriety.

No one is immune to relapse, so it’s important to be prepared to handle any challenges that can threaten your progress. Our SMART Recovery in Philadelphia uses a range of techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing, to teach patients these skills. We don’t want our patients to be reliant on others for their sobriety. Although we will always offer our support and encourage their loved ones to do the same, we want our clients to have full control of their recovery.

SMART Recovery Tools: Stages of Change

This program is designed to help participants move through the process of recovery with a sense of self-determination and personal accountability to back it up. Of course, Rome was not built in a day, so the process needs to be done in individual stages to help the individual recover from addiction and maintain their sobriety.

Below are the five stages of our SMART Recovery Program in Philadelphia:

  1. Precontemplation Stage: In this stage, patients don’t realize their problem. People in this stage usually show up to SMART recovery group meetings because of outside pressures (like family or court orders). It’s normal for individuals in the pre-contemplation stage to resist change and avoid talking about their addictions. They may also blame their drug or alcohol problems on genetics, family, spouses, society, etc.
  2. Contemplation Stage: At this stage, the individual knows they have a problem but struggles to understand it. People in this stage need further motivation to set definite plans for recovery in the future. As they come closer to the end of this stage, they may experience a mixture of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement.
  3. Preparation Stage: As you may have guessed, this stage includes creating a plan and acting. However, people in this stage of SMART recovery may still need a boost to keep going.
  4. Action Stage: In this stage, change is clear and visible. This stage requires the most commitment and is the most energy consuming.
  5. Maintenance Stage: Change in addiction recovery always needs to be sustained by certain behaviors. The last stage of SMART Recovery is the one during which patients develop certain habits or routines that help them stay sober.

Your journey to a better, more balanced existence will have reached a crucial turning point once you have finished the SMART Recovery Program in Philadelphia. Keep in mind that the advancement you've achieved is evidence of your perseverance. Keep up the routines and practices that have given you power as you go forward. You have the stamina to proceed confidently through this continuing process. Your future is full of hope and opportunity.

Is SMART Recovery Successful?

The effectiveness of SMART Recovery in Philadelphia is evaluated by considering various variables and personal experiences. Results from empirical research for participants in SMART Recovery programs have been encouraging. The method is successful in assisting people to attain and maintain sobriety because it places a strong emphasis on self-empowerment, cognitive-behavioral approaches, and peer support. Also, SMART Recovery's versatility and inclusivity are shown by its capacity to accommodate various addiction conditions, from substance misuse to behavioral addictions.

The success of SMART Recovery meetings in Philadelphia is heavily dependent on a person's dedication and engagement. Full program participation, regular attendance at sessions, and use of the learned tools and techniques are associated with more favorable outcomes. The program gives participants useful coping methods, problem-solving abilities, and a community of friends. It's crucial to remember that success is a very individual and subjective metric. Whether it's achieving sobriety, cutting back on harmful habits, or reclaiming control over one's life, different people may define success in their recovery journeys differently. The effectiveness of SMART Recovery ultimately depends on the participant's commitment and effort, as well as the presence of a supportive network.

According to research, the SMART recovery success rate is beneficial. According to a study regarding reconviction rates of offenders, both separately participating in the Getting SMART program and doing so while regularly attending SMART Recovery groups were associated with a lower overall reconviction rate. Reconviction rates were specifically reduced by 19% because of participation in Getting SMART and by 22% as a result of combining it with SMART Recovery attendance. The reductions were even more obvious in situations of violent reconvictions, with participation in Getting SMART resulting in a 30% decrease and Getting SMART + SMART Recovery resulting in an astonishing 42% reduction.1

The SMART Recovery Program offered at Banyan Treatment Centers Philadelphia is one of the many effective unique programs and therapies we use to treat addiction. Our SMART recovery method can help you or a loved one develop the basic skills and tools needed for long-term sobriety. If you’d like more information about this program or the other levels of addiction care we offer at our Pennsylvania rehabcontact us here.


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