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SMART Recovery at Banyan Boca

Today, there are many approaches to drug and alcohol treatment. SMART Recovery is one of the numerous programs we’re proud to offer at our facility. At Banyan, we provide customized treatment plans in Boca, incorporating therapies and principles best-suited for the individualized patient. While some patients benefit from 12-Step programs, others find value in the SMART Recovery program. For many, SMART Recovery can be used in conjunction with additional treatment plans.

What is SMART Recovery?

Whether you’re receiving outpatient or residential drug treatment in Boca, you may be considering SMART Recovery. This program stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery, and it centers on self-directed growth towards sobriety. Through a 4-Point Program, patients are able to recover from addiction, alcoholism, and even some mental health disorders. Specifically, SMART Recovery helps patients by:

  • Improving self-reliance
  • Teaching tools for self-directed change
  • Advocating for proper use of prescribed medications
  • Encouraging utilization of prescribed psychological treatments
  • Incorporating scientific knowledge into addiction treatment

Patients engaged in the SMART protocol will work to build and maintain their motivation, properly cope with urges, live a balanced life, and manage their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.1 One central focus of this program is self-motivated growth towards sobriety. With additional customized treatment plans in Boca, patients can participate in SMART’s 4-Point Program to foster independence from their addiction.

How SMART Recovery Helps with Sobriety

Without the right intrinsic motivation, sobriety can be tough to attain and maintain. We believe in providing customized treatment plans in Boca that help patients develop the necessary tools of long-term recovery. SMART Recovery helps patients actualize their need for change while empowering them to create the necessary change for sobriety. This program is designed to give patients the tools they need to develop for truly lasting sobriety.

When offered in conjunction with other programs, such as 12-Step programs or family therapy, SMART Recovery can help patients make the most of their drug and alcohol treatment. We offer additional options to our patients at our family of facilities, including mental health programs in Boca. With SMART Recovery and additional programs, we can treat addiction, alcoholism, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders as well.

Contact our Banyan Boca team today to learn more about your options when it comes to personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our SMART Recovery program is one of the numerous programs we’re proud to offer, and we can find the right program for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our detox, treatment, and aftercare opportunities.


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