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Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine-Assisted Therapy for Substance Abuse

There are many challenges people must face as they work through the recovery process. Unfortunately, mental health problems and self-doubt can become overwhelming, with patients needing extra help to overcome these difficulties. Equine-assisted therapy is a program that helps treat many issues related to substance abuse and mental health disorders. At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we offer a variety of treatment and support programs, including cognitive behavioral therapy and equine-assisted therapies. These and additional therapies can work together to provide effective care and support.

What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

Equine-assisted therapy is an approach to treatment in which patients interact with horses on a caregiving basis. Patients interact with horses in stable-settings during sessions, allowing for a change of pace from traditional treatment. At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we offer equine-assisted therapy alongside our traditional models of treatment, offering patients a variety of treatment methods for their healing.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

There are many benefits to this treatment method, including substantial emotional benefits. The emotional benefits of equine therapy include:

  • Greater personal responsibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Ability to improve interpersonal connections
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved self-esteem

Equine-assisted therapy yields proven emotional benefits, allowing patients to continue with effective healing. At Banyan Detox Boca, our equine-therapy programs are provided in conjunction with our traditional therapy approaches, helping to connect our patients with fully supportive healing.

How Equine Therapy Works with Substance Abuse Treatment

In addition to providing emotional benefits, this approach to therapy can help decrease undesirable behaviors, which strengthens its efficacy in addiction treatment.1

Equine therapy helps support sobriety by getting patients outside, getting them active, and giving them stronger emotional connections in the treatment process. These factors are especially beneficial for recovery, as those participating in equine-assisted therapy for addiction treatment are more likely to remain in treatment for a longer duration of time. Finding sobriety can include numerous emotional challenges, and equine-assisted therapy can help meet these challenges by supporting patients emotionally throughout the recovery process.3

Equine Therapy for Mental Health

There are several elements of mental health treatment that can be made more effective with the support of equine-assisted therapy. Equine-assisted therapy for mental health treatment can help patients break down emotional barriers, better identify their own issues, and allow therapists to better understand a patient’s thought processes regarding a specific challenge.3

Learn More About Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy is an effective tool in treating alcoholism, substance abuse, mental health, and more. At Banyan Detox Boca, we are proud to offer equine-assisted therapy as one of our many approaches to effective drug and alcohol treatment. Contact our admissions counselors today to learn more about this and other programs we offer.

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