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June 29, 2022

Desoxyn Side Effects

Although it’s a prescription drug, Desoxyn side effects can be highly unpleasant and dangerous. Visit Banyan Chicago here to learn more about this medication.
April 28, 2022

How Do I Know if I Have a Drug Problem?

How do I know if I have a drug problem? At Banyan Pompano, we understand drug addiction looks and feels different for everyone. Learn how to tell here!
April 28, 2022

What Is Crystal Meth?

What is crystal meth and is it highly addictive? Visit Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago to learn about the street names and side effects of the drug.
January 6, 2022

Is Addiction A Disease Or A Choice?

Is addiction a disease or a choice? Although it’s hard to believe that anyone would choose a life of drugs and alcohol, there’s more to this than meets the eye.
January 6, 2022

Meth’s Effects on The Throat

Meth’s effects on the throat include voice loss, irritation, sore throat, and more. Visit Banyan Chicago here to find out why this drug is so damaging.
January 5, 2022

Strawberry Quick Crystal Meth: Is It a Hoax?

Is strawberry quick crystal meth a hoax? If you’ve never heard of this flavored version of methamphetamine, visit us here to read what Banyan Delaware found.
January 3, 2022

Puffy Hand Syndrome and Drug Abuse

Drug use can have long-lasting effects, even years into sobriety. Banyan Massachusetts is discussing the connection between puffy hand syndrome and drug abuse.
December 30, 2021

How Long Does Meth Psychosis Last?

How long meth psychosis lasts depends on various factors. To learn more about the duration of methamphetamine psychosis symptoms, click here.
November 12, 2021

Meth Induced Psychosis Vs Schizophrenia

When comparing meth-induced psychosis vs schizophrenia, you’ll find that the two share some similarities. But can meth cause schizophrenia? Are they the same?

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