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Our post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment center in Boca Raton, FL, has all the necessary tools and treatments needed to provide clients with effective care for their symptoms. PTSD is a mental health disorder that’s triggered by either experiencing or witnessing a terrifying or traumatic event. Common symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks of the incident, nightmares about the incident, and severe anxiety. This disorder can take a major toll on a person’s well-being and way of life, making professional care a life-changing experience in the best way possible.  

Why We Need PTSD Treatment Facilities 

Trauma comes in many forms, and PTSD can occur for many reasons. Common types of traumas that can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder include:  

  • Abandonment 
  • Accidents 
  • Adult sexual abuse/assault 
  • Adultery 
  • Assault 
  • Child sexual abuse/assault 
  • Death of a family member or friend 
  • Illness 
  • Injury or illness of a loved one 
  • Loss and violent traumas 
  • Medical 
  • Military experiences 
  • Molestation 
  • Natural disaster 
  • Neglect 
  • Rape 
  • Robbery 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Sexual trauma 
  • Suicide 
  • Vehicular accident 
  • Witness to violence 
  • Work accident 

While it is possible for many to heal from trauma, for some, the emotional wounds caused by trauma can create a long-lasting effect on the individual mentally, making it difficult for them to properly cope with their emotions and in certain situations. These long-term symptoms, such as flashbacks and nightmares of the event, are common signs of PTSD. 

People with PTSD struggle with an inability to cope with the trauma they experienced or witnessed. They may also struggle to function in important areas of their lives or maintain regular routines.  

Although this isn’t the case for all people, even some with PTSD may become suicidal or aggressive towards others as a result of trauma’s psychological impact. Trauma victims often feel misunderstood, which may cause them to withdraw from others.  

Conversely, loved ones may realize that something is wrong with the individual and want to help, but may themselves feel confused, rejected, and unsure of what to do. Every person is different, and there is no one way to manage this disorder.  

Many people with PTSD attempt to repress or forget the event by distracting themselves with other things, while others may focus on the traumatic event constantly. As a result, these individuals may range from people who constantly remain active to keep their minds distracted to people who are paralyzed by the impact of the experience.  

As you can imagine, either scenario can lead to unprocessed thoughts and emotions that can ultimately drive the person further into their mental illness and prevent them from truly healing. This is why PTSD treatment centers like our Boca Raton rehab utilize evidence-based practices to help clients understand their symptoms and how to cope, which are both needed for long-term recovery. 

How Our PTSD Treatment Center Works 

Our PTSD facility’s approach explores and examines traumatic events and the subsequent development of post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to the underlying emotional pain that fuels self-destructive behaviors. Many individuals with PTSD abuse alcohol and drugs and engage in other harmful behaviors to self-medicate their symptoms, which is why this aspect of our treatment is important.  

Our Florida mental health rehab specialists begin the process of healing through a combination of therapy techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)12-step counseling, and holistic treatment to offer clients a well-rounded form of care.  

The goal of our evidence-based treatment for PTSD is to help clients understand their disorders, come to terms with the trauma they’ve experienced, and understand how they can rebuild their lives so they can live fully. In addition to healing, a major part of our treatment process is to help clients develop self-confidence and independence.  

Additionally, our therapists and counselors at our inpatient PTSD treatment center are dedicated to building a trusting, safe, and judgment-free environment where clients can fully express themselves and let out all of the thoughts and emotions that have been keeping them from living their lives. 

Get Started Today  

If you or someone you care about is struggling with PTSD, don’t wait to get help. Reach out to Banyan Treatment Centers Boca today to find out more about our PTSD residential treatment and how it can help. 


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