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Benzo Abuse

December 3, 2021

Can Benzodiazepines Cause Hallucinations?

Some drugs can cause you to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell things that aren’t real. Visit us here to learn whether benzodiazepines can cause hallucinations.
November 8, 2021

How Parents Can Prevent Drug Abuse

Is Concerta addictive? Can it make you high? If you’re questioning the risks of using this stimulant, visit us here to learn more about methylphenidate.
November 1, 2021

What is Demerol and Was it Taken Off the Market?

Meperidine is a type of opioid that seemed to have disappeared from the face of the planet. So, what is Demerol and why was it taken off the market?
November 1, 2021

What Does Ativan Do to Your Heart?

Do I have binge eating disorder? If you’re struggling with binging or eating large amounts of food in short periods, you may fit the criteria for BED.
October 6, 2021

Risks of Mixing Cocaine and Xanax

Although they produce different side effects, the risks of mixing cocaine and Xanax include depression, addiction, and overdose. Visit us here to read more.
October 6, 2021

Can You Overdose on Ativan?

Can you overdose on Ativan? Is it fatal? What’s the lethal dose of this drug? Our Milford treatment center has your answers.
September 29, 2021

Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Certain medications can have some serious long-term side effects. Visit us here for a list of the 7 most dangerous prescription drugs.
September 27, 2021

Can a Marriage Survive Drug Addiction?

Can a marriage survive drug addiction? How can you help a spouse with a substance abuse problem? Visit us here to learn more.
August 23, 2021

Why Do People Use Drugs?

Why do people use drugs? Don’t they know it’s bad for them? Visit us here for a list of common causes of addiction.

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