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June 9, 2021
Liam Payne Opens Up About Addiction

One Direction’s Liam Payne Opens Up About Past Addiction and Mental Health Struggles

One Direction’s Liam Payne opened up about past addiction and mental health struggles on a recent podcast. Learn more here.
June 9, 2021
whippet facts

Whippet Facts You Should Know About

Laughing is no laughing matter (pun intended). Our treatment center is sharing eight whippet facts you should know about.
June 9, 2021
carfentanil abuse

Carfentanil Abuse

Carfentanil abuse is dangerous because only a small amount is needed to overdose. Here are its side effects and overdose symptoms.
June 9, 2021
history of marijuana use

History of Marijuana Use

Weed has been present in the U.S. since the 1600s. Visit us here to learn about the history of marijuana use in the United States.
June 7, 2021
hangover anxiety

Hangover Anxiety

Hangover anxiety is a common symptom of binge drinking. Learn more about hangxiety and why it can indicate a bigger problem.
June 7, 2021
opioids and weight loss

Opioids and Weight Loss

A common side effect of drug addiction is losing weight. Learn more about the connection between opioids and weight loss here.
June 7, 2021
cognitive dissonance and addiction

Cognitive Dissonance and Addiction

We’re exploring the relationship between cognitive dissonance and addiction as well as how this theory contributes to substance abuse.
June 7, 2021
effects of depressants on the body

Effects of Depressants on the Body

The effects of depressants on the body can cause adverse short and long-term problems. Learn more about common CNS depressants here.
June 7, 2021
causes of substance abuse in college students

Causes of Substance Abuse in College Students

Drug and alcohol abuse are common on college campuses. Here are the causes of substance abuse in college students and the long-term effects.

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