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Bad Addiction Recovery Tips to Leave at the Door

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Addiction is a complex issue that can look different for everyone who experiences it. For some, it can mean drinking themselves into a stupor after work each night. For others, it’s abusing stimulants to get a project done. No matter how the addiction manifests itself, recovering from it can be a difficult task, especially for those who have never gone through recovery before. It can be hard to know what to listen to and what may not be sound advice. This is why Banyan Treatment Center Chicago is bringing up bad addiction recovery tips that are worth leaving at the door.

Drug Addiction Recovery Tips to Avoid

Below are some harmful tips that should be avoided when it comes to recovery from addiction.

"Just quit cold turkey. It's the easiest way to get over it."

Quitting cold turkey refers to the practice of abruptly stopping the consumption of the substance you are addicted to. While it may seem like a quick fix to the problem, it can actually cause serious problems to a person’s physical and mental well-being. While it may work for some people, depending on the substance that was abused, suddenly stopping use can result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, attempting to quit this way without the proper medical support can ultimately result in a relapse.

“Maybe there is a healthier addiction to replace the old one.”

Swapping out one addiction for another is not, and never will be, the answer to overcoming this disease. Even as some communities have adopted the California sober movement, which permits the use of marijuana, there are still certain truths about this disease that shouldn’t be avoided. For instance, addiction is a compulsive behavior that is driven by alterations in the brain’s reward system. Substituting one substance or action for another can ultimately make it harder for the individual to address the actual root problem.

“You chose this, so you need to figure it out.”

Sadly, many people hold the false belief that addiction is a choice. These are the same people that believe you decided to become addicted, and, in turn, you can decide to stop using, as well. The reality is that although a person may make the decision to abuse a substance, the actual chemical changes that take place make it exponentially harder to ignore temptation. Additionally, no one tries a substance with the intention of becoming addicted. Certain drugs can even cause addiction after only one use. What is important for individuals who give such advice is for them to practice empathy for the situation and try to understand why it has occurred.

“If you ignore the issue, it will eventually go away.”

Pretending like an addiction never happened is not a viable solution for someone who is attempting to recover. It is a chronic disease that can result in long-lasting physical, psychological, and social consequences. Pretending that it never happened can ultimately hinder a person’s ability to properly address the underlying causes of the substance use disorder and can heighten the potential for relapse.

“Just use it in moderation.”

One of the main facets of an addiction is the inability to practice moderation. No matter how hard that person tries or the intentions they went into the situation with, they are unlikely to be able to stop after one drink/hit. This means that the priority should no longer be attempting to “drink responsibly” but rather not drinking at all.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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Bad Addiction Recovery Tips to Leave at the Door
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