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Can Poppy Seeds Get You High?

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Poppy seeds produced from the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum, were discovered in ancient times, around 5000 B.C. Poppy seeds began to grow in popularity after being used for baking, cooking, and medical purposes. Although they taste good and hold healing properties, can poppy seeds get you high? Additionally, could consuming them have an impact on the outcome of a drug test? Keep reading to find out from our Southern California rehab center.

Do Poppy Seeds Contain Opium?

There are narcotics in poppy seeds. However, the amount is meager. The seeds used for everyday gatherings are from a plant, producing opium or psychoactive chemicals. Morphine and codeine are found in the plant, including the poppy seeds. If many seeds are consumed, it’s possible to test positive on a drug test.

According to Dr. Christopher S. Baird, typical poppy-seed food contains only a few grams of poppy seeds and, therefore, only a few micrograms of morphine. A single initial dose of medically prescribed morphine contains 5,000 and 30,000 micrograms.1 This means a person who has no tolerance for morphine can eat many poppy seeds without feeling any drug effects.

You can, however, get high from poppy seeds by drinking one cup of it in tea. Effects after drinking happen quickly, usually around fifteen minutes, and can last for hours. After a drug test, it’s difficult to decipher a poppy seed eater or an opiate user. Again, poppy seeds are found in pastries, bagels, salad dressings, and more.

How Many Poppy Seeds to Get High?

If you are wondering, “can poppy seeds get you high,” the answer is yes. Typically, drinking poppy seed tea will trigger the drug effects, and a person will experience symptoms. But eating poppy seeds is still dangerous, especially if you need to take a drug test for work or another important matter. Eating a couple of poppy seed-coated bagels or muffins can result in a positive drug test.

According to a study regarding opioid exposure associated with poppy consumption, there were 19 deaths reported to poison control centers in the United States in 2021. Due to the deaths and amount of false-positive drug tests, it’s advised to leave opium use for medical purposes.2

Can You Smoke Poppy Seeds?

After understanding what poppy seeds are used for and the potential risks if ingested, is it worth consuming? Poppy seeds hold micros of codeine and morphine, and technically, if a person desires to roll poppy seeds into joint paper, then the possibility of getting high increases. However, the extract is found to be potent in tea, and a person is more likely to choose drinking poppy seeds over smoking them since the effects are guaranteed. Smoking poppy seeds is possible but not advised since addiction can occur.

What Schedule Is Opium?

Opium is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance in the U.S. under the Controlled Substances Act. This indicates that it is accepted for its authorized medicinal uses but with strict restrictions because abuse is judged to be highly likely. Serious physical or psychological dependence may also be the outcome. Schedule II prohibits the sale and use of opium and its derivatives without a prescription from a licensed physician. Without a new prescription from a doctor, the existing prescription cannot be renewed. This classification reflects government efforts to achieve a compromise between the therapeutic benefits of opium-derived medications and the need to avoid abuse or diversion for illicit activities.

Are Poppy Seeds Illegal Anywhere?

Since poppy seeds are made from the seed pod of the opium poppy plant, which only contains minute levels of opiates, they are not prohibited anywhere. But in certain nations and areas, the cultivation of opium poppies—from which opium and its products, such as heroin, are derived—is highly controlled or outright forbidden. These limitations are in place to reduce the production and distribution of illegal drugs. Opium production is strictly regulated by regulations in countries like Afghanistan, which is well-known for being a large opium producer, although the seeds themselves are not prohibited. Certain poppy seed cultivars with a higher opiate content may occasionally be subject to further inspection or restriction.

Some of the countries with strict regulations on opium poppy cultivation include:

  • Turkey: The country is renowned for its controlled cultivation of opium from poppy for therapeutic use. The production of opium is carefully regulated throughout the nation.
  • Australia: The government of Australia strictly regulates and licenses the production of opium poppies for pharmaceutical use. To stop the industry from being diverted into criminal routes, it is strictly regulated.
  • India: One of the major nations producing opium legally for medical purposes is India. Opium poppy growing is regulated by the government, and only farmers with a license are permitted to do so.
  • Tasmania (Australia): One of the largest legal opium poppy producers in the world is Tasmania (Australia), an island state. The market is closely regulated and watched.
  • France: Opium poppies may be grown there for medicinal purposes under stringent government regulation.
  • Spain: Under stringent limitations, Spain allows the growing of opium poppies for medicinal uses.
  • Slovenia: Under rigid government regulation, Slovenia permits the growing of opium poppies for therapeutic and research purposes.

It's crucial to remember that these nations have put in place thorough regulatory structures to guarantee that opium poppy cultivation is strictly regulated and supervised, mostly for medical and research purposes. This reduces the likelihood of opium being diverted into illegal drug markets.

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