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Julia Fox Heroin Addiction

Julia Fox Heroin Addiction

Who is this famous Italian-American actress, now dating rapper Kayne West? You may have seen Julia Fox’s movie list. She plays in PVT Chat and No Sudden Move, but she became exceedingly popular thanks to the film Uncut Gems where she was nominated for best actress at the Gotham Awards in 2019. Unfortunately, Julia Fox’s past was not always so flashy since she endured homelessness, toxic relationships, and her heroin addiction created many hardships in her life.


Julia Fox Past Life

As a child, Fox experienced homelessness which could cause trauma and intense stress for any young girl at an impressionable age. She was raised by a single father who she describes as a mad scientist and who introduced her to a lifestyle in Uptown Manhattan, New York. She and her father were forced to move around often, and during a time of transition, they were homeless. In an interview, she mentioned that she would couch hop and sleep at her friend’s houses, who also were growing up in unstable environments.

In the interview, she mentions the beginning of her addiction. Her first love, at the age of 14, was a drug dealer whose house was a few blocks away from where she was living at the time. She mentioned the first night they met, they took ecstasy (or Molly, which is a psychoactive drug), and soon after, they thought they were in love. Her past love went to prison, but Julia Fox’s heroin addiction stemmed from the toxic relationship.


Julia Fox Abused Heroin

In 2020, Fox admitted to substance abuse. Specifically, she revealed her nearly fatal overdose caused by heroin. Due to life’s struggles and influences, she found herself using heroin at the age of seventeen. The young female Hollywood star has come a long way between artwork, acting, past sex work, and addiction. However, she struggled with heroin use and prescription pills for a long time before finalizing and maintaining her sobriety. She recommends that those struggling with addiction seek heroin addiction treatment as soon as possible. Julia Fox's sober life looks more like enjoying her romantic relationship with Kayne West and working on her artwork.


Addiction Treatment at Our California Detox Center

Julia Fox is one of the many famous heroin addicts who recovered with help. At Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs, we offer all forms of addiction treatment, especially for opioid addiction and heroin. Our medical staff will provide a medically monitored detox so patients can safely get through the withdrawal process. We design individualized treatment plans and provide unique therapeutic methods like art therapy to help people learn from their patterns and return to a sober and enjoyable life.


Please, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist at our Palm Springs rehab at 888-280-4763 and ask about our special levels of care services to get started right away!



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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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