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Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Military Spouse Appreciation Day

What is Military Spouse Appreciation Day? A military spouse should have more than one day to be appreciated since they keep the homes secure and everything running smoothly. Still, this day particularly highlights the importance of their role. It gives those around the military spouse and the husband or wife overseas a day to reevaluate and recognize the unique characteristics of their spouse. These individuals positively impact all around them and are hopeful in nature while strong enough to be able to run the operations at home.


When Is National Military Spouse Day?

National Military Spouse Day is the first Friday in May. Initially, the date was set to be May 23rd, but this has changed over time, and in 2022 will be celebrated on May 6th. It started with the proclamation of President Ronald Regan in 1984. He wanted to appreciate military spouses because they also serve this country, though in a unique manner. For many active military members, their wife or husband provides hope, inspiration, and motivation to serve America with pride and purpose.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day means recognizing that these individuals at home sacrifice their goals and dreams of a “normal” household and marriage. Birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations are set aside or missed by a military spouse because their loved one is on active duty. So today and every day, it is essential to appreciate the sacrifices and strength of those who are military spouses.


Military Spouse Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

If you are an active duty member or a friend or family member of a military spouse, you can give a thoughtful gift. An excellent gift for a military spouse is workout clothes since they are always on the move, checking off the responsibility boxes. Think about giving tactical or CrossFit leggings for a military wife, with pockets, of course.

A bottle breacher is a fun gift for military husbands since it is a .50 caliber shell and is a cool way to open his favorite beer bottle. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with giving cool gadgets or comfy clothes but at the end of the day, give a gift that will remind the military spouse you know what they enjoy and that you miss them.


Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day From Banyan Treatment Center

At Banyan, we offer addiction help for military spouses. Unfortunately, some military spouses face addiction due to feeling isolated and alone, especially if a wife or husband does not have children. In these cases, military spouses will use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism and as a distraction. Our veteran family support services are an excellent way for family members to express themselves through group therapy and gain education on how to handle specific situations concerning a loved one and addiction.

Additionally, if you as a family member of a military member feels that you need additional support and could benefit from an inpatient facility we are here to help you too. We also offer special levels of care, like medically monitored detox programs for veterans or active-duty members who are battling substance abuse. Some of our therapies include EMDR therapy, accelerated resolution therapy, and more.

If you or a loved one is seeking therapy or addiction treatment, contact a specialist from our Military & Veterans in Recovery program at Banyan by calling 888-280-4763 and get started today!

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