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Famous Women Soldiers

Famous Women Soldiers

For a long time in history, a woman soldier was not allowed, or if a woman was in the military, she was not promoted. Women served as nurses and caretakers of the soldiers but could not become soldiers themselves. Susie King Taylor was the first African American to educate formerly enslaved people and worked as a nurse. Deborah Sampson dressed as a man to serve in the continental army during the Revolutionary War. Nancy Morgan Hart disguised herself as a man to obtain intelligence on British defenses. Many women played significant roles in each American war.

Female Soldiers of the Civil War

After the Civil War, Dr. Mary E. Walker is the first and only woman to receive the Medal of Honor. She bravely fought until she was captured by a Confederate spy. When she returned home, she served as a surgeon. President Andrew Johnson awarded this strong-willed woman soldier with the Medal of Honor.

Cathy Williams is another terrific female soldier, who was a formerly enslaved person, and she is the only documented woman to have served with the Buffalo soldiers. She started as a cook but dressed as a man and changed her name to William, hiding her identity. After two years of serving, she became ill and was discharged from the Army at Fort Bayard. She was brave, and despite the regulations against women, she was a soldier.

Famous Military Women of World War I

In World War I, roughly 21,000 women who served in the U.S. armed forces belonged to the Army Nurse Corps (ANC). These beautiful military women were at the forefront of duty, living in small tents or bunkers and experiencing all of the frightening and terrible happenings alongside the soldiers. Indeed, I would call each one a woman soldier as they witnessed gruesome encounters and helped men survive the war.

Women served for well-known organizations like the YMCA and the Salvation Army. Thousands served for the American Red Cross (ARC) organization overseas, providing soldiers with necessities and quality conversations. Religious, physical, and social activities were established through ARC, which helped many soldiers during the war.

Time For the New Era

A woman soldier is no longer seen as inappropriate but is honored through means of equality. The rise of the feminist movement and the elimination of the draft during the 1970s established women’s opportunity to join the marines, navy, army, and more. For instance, mandatory defensive weapon training was provided to women in 1975.

In 1976, a woman soldier was authorized to serve the same length of overseas tours as men. Toward the end of the 70s, women and men integrated into the same training and service academies. Indeed, this time was a positive movement for women as they could serve their country as they desired.

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Famous Women Soldiers
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