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Can You Drink Alcohol with Gabapentin?

Can You Drink Alcohol with Gabapentin?

Can You Drink Alcohol with Gabapentin?

Starting a new prescription medication generally comes with some additional risks. The prescription drug gabapentin is no different. It’s common for people to mix alcohol with their medications, sometimes accidentally, other times on purpose. But can you drink alcohol with gabapentin? Is this safe? What happens if you do? As a Palm Springs, California drug rehab, we understand what happens when you mix drugs with alcohol. We’re diving into what a gabapentin and alcohol mix can do.

What is Gabapentin (Neurontin)?

Sometimes called Neurontin, gabapentin is an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug that affects chemicals in the body that contribute to seizures and some degree of pain. Gabapentin is often used together with other medications to treat partial seizures in adults and in children at least three years old. It can also be used to treat nerve pain caused by herpes or shingles in adults.

Gabapentin appears to work by stimulating the neurotransmitter GABA to reduce nerve activity in the central nervous system. Gabapentin abuse can lead to physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and psychoactive effects. Additionally, because it essentially acts as a mild tranquilizer, it can produce a euphoria similar to the one produced by marijuana, as well as increased feelings of calm and sociability. This means that it can be abused but is less likely to be over other drugs like opioids and benzos. Common side effects of gabapentin include anxiety, headache, vision problems, nausea, and weight gain.

While gabapentin isn’t as addictive as other well-known drugs of abuse, it can lead to overdose and physical dependence. If you’re someone who’s been abusing gabapentin or any of your other medications, our prescription drug detox can help you safely through withdrawal and quit. Withdrawal symptoms from any substance can be uncomfortable and often discourage people from getting sober when they don’t get the help of a medical team. Banyan Palm Springs encourages you to seek out the help you need to safely recover from drug use.

Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Gabapentin?

So, can you drink alcohol with gabapentin? No. Many people drink while on medication because they don’t consider what they’re taking. Sometimes, they may think, “I took my dose a while ago, so one drink should be okay,” which is not the case. It’s important to understand that certain medications stay in your system for long periods, especially if you take them daily. This means that even if you took your dose of gabapentin in the morning, and you have a drink that night, in a way you’re still mixing them together.

On the other hand, some people take gabapentin mixed with alcohol because both substances can produce an intense sense of relaxation and a feeling of pleasure. Many people who are addicted to prescription drugs mix them with alcohol to experience an intense high. But whether you’re taking this medication as prescribed or misusing it, it’s important to understand the dangers of gabapentin and alcohol use.

Gabapentin side effects with alcohol include:

  • Dizziness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Impaired judgment
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Stomach pain
  • Confusion

Gabapentin interactions with alcohol can be severe. Taking both of these substances together can cause the effects of each substance to become heightened. As a result, severe drowsiness and sedation may occur. Additionally, if you’ve been taking gabapentin and have experienced side effects, you should completely avoid alcohol until you’ve spoken to your doctor. Using drugs with alcohol also puts you at risk of developing alcohol dependence. In this case, you may need alcohol treatment or additional recovery resources to regain your sobriety and health.

Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs offers both inpatient drug treatment and partial hospitalization treatment for addiction. Everyone’s experience with drug addiction is unique, so it’s important to find a treatment facility that will create an individualized treatment plan for you. To learn more about other dangerous drug interactions and our California drug treatment programs, call our drug rehab in Palm Springs, CA at 888-280-4763.

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