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Christmas in Recovery: Sobriety Christmas Gifts for A Loved One

Christmas in Recovery: Sobriety Christmas Gifts for A Loved One

Celebrating Christmas in recovery can be difficult, especially for those in the early stages of sobriety.

Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse isn’t easy, and personal holiday parties and celebrations can promote temptation to use and anxiety that could lead to relapse if the individual isn’t careful. So, what better way to celebrate the individual’s sobriety and show your appreciation for their hard work this holiday season than with a thoughtful gift? Our drug rehab in Chicago is sharing a list of sobriety Christmas gifts for a loved one in recovery that will express your admiration for their efforts.

Christmas Sobriety Gifts for a Loved One

The holiday season is upon us, and this time of year is all about giving and celebrating with loved ones. Though this can be a stressful season for someone in addiction recovery, there are ways you can show your support. If you have a loved one in addiction recovery, below are some sobriety Christmas gifts that will encourage them and remind them why they’re embarked on this journey in the first place.

  • Go to a concert: Concerts, sporting events, theater tickets, and other similar experiences are great gifts. Make a day out of it and join your loved one for the event.
  • Book a vacation: Depending on how comfortable the person is with their sobriety to travel, you could book a longer vacation or just a day of adventures. While some people may like hiking or visiting museums, others may be interested in skydiving or ziplining.
  • Take a creative class together: Many people enjoy learning new hobbies. If this sounds like your loved one, take them to a class where you can learn a new skill together. This may include pottery, painting, or cooking.
  • Plan a self-care day: Self-care is a huge part of recovery, so what better way to remind them to treat themselves than to give them a relaxing day? This may include a spa day or a relaxing trip. You can even gift them a goodie bag or basket filled with things to promote relaxation, like essential oils, face masks, and a robe.
  • Gift basket: Speaking of baskets, gift baskets are also great gifts to celebrate sobriety during the holidays because the person can enjoy them for longer than a day - it’s one of the gifts that keep on giving. You can fill a basket with your loved one’s favorite goodies, like candy, chips, chocolate, movies, books, even stationery, and more. You can even make a themed basket, like a self-care basket or a holiday one.
  • A handwritten letter or card: While cards and letters may seem like a simple gift, sometimes they’re the best way to show your love and support. You can put your thoughts into words and give them a gift they can continually go back to when they hit a rough patch.
  • Personalized gifts: When it comes to sobriety gift ideas, personalized gifts are often the way to go. You can personalize things like jewelry, watches, journals, pens, picture frames, or even phone cases with the person’s sobriety anniversary date and a nice message. You should try to personalize something that they’ll see every day as a reminder of their hard work.
  • Artwork or photographs: Especially if the person has a favorite artist or photographer, you can buy them their favorite art piece or photo. Of course, if their favorite art piece is the Mona Lisa, for instance, buying a nice framed print of it will be equally as thoughtful. If you’re an artist or photographer yourself, paint them something or offer to take pictures of them to celebrate the holidays.
  • A donation in their honor: If your loved one has a local charity or organization that they’re passionate about, donate something in their honor.
  • House plants: Plants? Yes, plants. Gifting someone in sobriety house plants encourages accountability and responsibility, two key components in recovery. They may enjoy the nurturing aspect of taking care of a plant, which can further contribute to their growth. Plants also make great Christmas gifts for recovering addicts because they contribute to a soothing, homey environment, which can contribute positively to their mental health.
  • A DIY kit: Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are all the rage nowadays, and if your loved one has the knack for creating, then gifting them a specialized DIY kit may be the perfect gift for them. There are all kinds of DIY kits, including candle-making, terrarium, resin, jewelry making, and more.
  • Yoga classes or gym membership: Gym memberships and yoga classes are among the most popular gift ideas for celebrating sobriety because they promote physical health during recovery. Most, if not all, recovery advocates and counselors encourage exercise in recovery because it relieves stress, boosts mood, and keeps the heart and other physiological functions healthy.

Remember that celebrating Christmas in recovery is about spending time together and acknowledging this huge milestone. No matter what, the best gift you can give your loved one is your support and encouragement.

Getting a Loved One Help

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