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Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment

Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment

The United States Navy is considered America’s most lethal global maneuver force in the world.1 These sailors serve our great nation and have overcome each challenge they have faced since its inception. The courageous men and women that serve deserve thanks for upholding the Navy Core Values that work to uphold the organization’s legacy. Banyan Veterans in Recovery is breaking down these values, their history, and how they can be applied to people seeking sobriety.

Navy Core Values History

The Navy itself was founded on October 13, 1775, while the core values we associate with it today were not adopted until 1992. Before that, from as far back as 1955, the “core values” of the Navy were recognized as professionalism, integrity, and tradition.2 It was determined after the Tailhook scandal of 1991, where Navy and Marine Corps officers were alleged to have engaged in sexual assault, that this just wasn’t working. This is one reason why the Navy began to examine its values. It learned the values it has now from the Marine corps, although the principles are applied differently between the two.

The Core Values of the Navy

As a veteran in recovery, you can continue to uphold these values in your sobriety journey.


When you enlisted in the Navy, you joined a lineage of brave, honorable men and women. You learned about naval history, the ways sailors defended freedom in this country, and accepted the code of conduct. For the first time, many felt proud of the choices they made and who they were becoming. You were respected in uniform because of the men and women that came before you who served the United States of America.

Today in your recovery, you continue to be honorable by practicing esteemable acts. You learned that when you practice esteemable acts, you increase your own self-esteem. You practice honor by doing the things you say you will do, telling the truth, and continuing to grow on your recovery journey. You find great honor in your integrity and realize that the Navy upheld that value in you.


Your experience in the Navy has taught you that recovery takes courage. To dedicate years of your life to an unknown duty station, you have to dig deep to find and recognize the value of courage. The military surrounded you with men and women who were also courageous. You may remember working for an Admiral who decided at a moment's notice to protect national security. Understanding the responsibility a service member takes on is huge and takes bravery.

Now in recovery, that courage is used to ask for help, courage to live a new way, courage to be honest, and so much more. Those military experiences cultivated that courage so you can still honor the military values while in recovery. Whether it was taking an overseas duty station at 18 years old or walking into a rehab center, the same courage has been applied.


The Navy requires commitment as a core value, not only mentally and physically but also emotionally, and recovery requires this as well. The Navy's high standards for excellence became a part of many soldiers’ compasses. Joining the service may have been the first time you committed yourself to something greater than yourself. Similar to your time in the military, you remind yourself of the daily commitment to recovery. There were some days in the military that were easier than others, similar to recovery, but what matters most is staying persistent, consistent, and not faltering at the mere sign of a struggle.

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Learning honor, courage, and commitment in the Navy teaches lessons of service over self. We understand that service can bring about a number of struggles, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction. What our Military rehab center seeks to accomplish is empowering former servicemen and servicewomen to rediscover the joys of life without the need for drugs and alcohol. We are confident that employing these Navy core values can impact treatment in a positive way, promoting strength and empowerment of oneself, so you can show up for those you care about most.

We offer a variety of effective care levels that will ensure each patient who walks through our doors receives the most appropriate treatment for their unique needs. From here, they will have access to a variety of therapy methods and addiction treatments that can help them to put their struggles into perspective so that healing can occur.

Contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer at our Veteran’s addiction treatment centers at 888-280-4763.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment
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