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Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment

Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment

As a veteran in recovery, I get to continue to uphold these values in my recovery journey.

Honor - When I enlisted in the Navy, I joined a lineage of brave honorable men and women. I learned about naval history, the ways sailors defended freedom in this country, and accepted the code of conduct. For the first time, I felt proud of the choices I made and who I was becoming. I was respected in uniform because of the men and women that came before me who served the United States of America.

Today in my recovery, I continue to be honorable by practicing esteemable acts. I learned when I practice esteemable acts, I increase my own self-esteem. I practice honor by doing the things I say I will do, telling the truth, and continuing to grow on my recovery journey. I find great honor in my integrity and realize that the Navy upheld that value in me.

Courage – My experience in the navy has taught me that recovery takes courage. To dedicate years of your life to an unknown duty station, you have to dig deep to find your courage. The military surrounded me with men and women who were also courageous. I remember working for an Admiral who decided in a moment's notice to protect national security. Understanding the responsibility a service member takes on is huge and takes bravery.

Now in recovery, I use courage to ask for help; courage to live a new way, courage to be honest and so much more. My military experiences cultivated my courage so I can still honor the military values while in recovery. Whether it was taking an overseas duty station at 18 years old or walking into a rehab, the same courage has been applied.

Commitment - The Navy requires a commitment mentally, physically and emotionally and so does recovery. The Navy's high standards for excellence became a part of my compass. Joining the service was the first time I committed myself to something greater than myself. Similar to my time in the military, I remind myself of the daily commitment of recovery. There were some days in the military that were easier than others similar to recovery.

Learning honor, courage and commitment in the Navy taught me service over self. Today in my recovery I am so grateful I can continue to be of service in a deeply fulfilling way.

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Sazha Ramos is our Navy Veteran and Banyan Recovery Advocate.