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Benefits of Having a Sober First Date

Benefits of Having a Sober First Date

Especially if you’ve received alcohol addiction treatment, sober dating is important.

Sobriety has become a growing trend among people in their 20s and 30s, which is why sober ideas for parties, weddings, dates, and more have piqued the interests of many. Not everyone knows how to date sober, however, and many don’t see the need to separate the two. At Banyan Heartland, we understand the correlation between drinking and dating, so we encourage you to try something different. Whether you’re in addiction recovery or just want to get to know someone without alcohol clouding your judgment, there are many benefits of having a sober first date.

The Pros of Having A Sober First Date

People drink alcohol on first dates, or any dates for that matter, for a variety of reasons. For one, people tend to drink when they feel nervous or agitated. Going on a first date can be ridiculously nerve-wracking. The idea of potentially beginning a lifelong relationship with someone can make any person want to run for the exit, so people deal with these feelings by drinking alcohol; however, drinking can quickly go south. There have been many problems related to drinking too much on a date, some more severe than others. Especially if you’re meeting an online date or someone you’ve never met in person before, intoxication can be extremely unsafe. Alcohol can also affect your mood and how you interact with the person.

If you’re interested in getting back out there, the staff at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Gilman share some of the benefits of having a sober first date that you might want to consider.

You Can Be Yourself

Alcohol is a depressant that relaxes the brain, which is why people tend to drink when they’re on vacation or feel anxious, but drinking too much alcohol can make it difficult to concentrate and stay awake. It also tends to loosen people’s tongues, causing them to say things or act out in ways that may be offensive or inaccurate portrayals of their actual personalities. Non-alcoholic dates prevent risky or offensive behavior that could potentially ruin the experience.

You’ll Be Completely Aware of the Situation

When you’re sober, you tend to concentrate better. This means that you’ll be able to properly interpret certain signals the other person may be sending. When signals are misinterpreted, it can lead to awkward moments, which can cut the date short. Unfortunately, this isn’t always avoidable, but staying sober can give you a better chance of improving the situation if things do get awkward.

Keep Yourself Safe

One of the main benefits of having a sober first date is safety. A first date is unique in that you’re out with someone you don’t know much about, which is why you shouldn’t let your guard down. Whether you’ve recently met this person or it’s your first time meeting them face-to-face, it’s better to stay sober to ensure your safety. When you drink, your instincts tend to relax and you lose your ability to make decisions. You can become impulsive and do something you may regret or you may place yourself in a situation that leaves you defenseless. You can even blackout if you have too many drinks. Having sober dates until you can trust the person is a safer option.

While drinking may ease the first date jitters, it can also ruin the experience. Removing drinking from activities that were always associated with alcohol can be a challenge, but it’s a growing trend for a reason. Alcohol isn’t healthy and it can affect the way you interact with others. Having a first sober date with someone gives you the opportunity to get to know them without the distracting side effects of alcohol.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drinking problem, call Banyan Treatment Centers Heartland today at 888-280-4763 for more information about our alcohol detox and addiction programs.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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