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Top 10 Apps for Addiction Recovery

Top 10 Apps For Addiction

Millions of people in the United States struggle with a drug or alcohol problem.

Fortunately, many of them have received addiction treatment and made the necessary changes to achieve sobriety. Recovery isn’t a one-time decision, though; it means deciding to remain sober every day. If you’re working on sustaining your sobriety, then you may understand the challenges that present themselves throughout the recovery journey, especially in the earlier stages. Any bit of support can have a huge impact during stressful times.

At our addiction treatment center in Philadelphia, we advocate the importance of support in sobriety. With the help of technological advancements, people are able to access different resources on their phones from anywhere in the world. In order to help those who are trying to stay clean, our Banyan Philadelphia team has highlighted their top 10 apps for addiction recovery.

Best Apps for Addiction Recovery

Because smartphones have grown so much in popularity, new apps are released every day that benefit different causes. For people who have undergone drug or alcohol addiction treatment, these top apps for addiction recovery can make a world of a difference when it comes to staying on the right track.


Nomo is a free sobriety clock app that tracks how many days you’ve been sober. The customizable sobriety clocks can be shared with family, friends, and even sponsors. Whether you have an accountability partner from your inner circle of friends, meetings you attend, or from peers within Nomo, you can message them in the app whenever you come across any relapse triggers

Though the interface is simple enough for someone who just wants to use the clock, Nomo also has several other elements to help recovering addicts. The Journal feature allows users to note emotional turning points they experience throughout the day. Nomo also has an Encourage section where you can share your daily thoughts and motivate others who are also using the app on their sobriety journey. Recovery is challenging in so many ways, so if you feel as if you might make a mistake, the Refocus portion of the sobriety app includes mini-games and exercises to help you overcome the temptation of bad habits.


The WEconnect app allows you to set daily reminders to keep you on track with your recovery goals. You can also set reminders to connect with your coach, sign up for a group meeting, or participate in any other activity that offers support. It even has an SOS feature that connects you to someone who can offer you professional recovery support.


Out of the top 10 apps for addiction recovery, rTribe is one of the most efficient because it’s specifically designed to help people sustain their sobriety. It allows you to connect with other users, track your sobriety timeline, share your progress with others, and ask for help when you feel stressed or triggered. The coolest thing about this app is that over time, it helps you create a relapse prevention plan by marking your trigger points.

Sober Grid

Like Facebook, Sober Grid allows you to connect with other people in recovery through a variety of tools. It also allows you to anonymously post whether you are sober, your emotions, and what’s happening in your day-to-day routine. Aside from the support you’ll receive by connecting with others on the app, you could also complete Daily Quests, small accomplishments that help you stay on track.


Addicaid’s features include check-ins for the 12-Step program as well as other support groups, the ability to connect with others, a daily journal to track your progress, a spending calculator to track your expenses, diet plans to help users avoid addiction cravings, and different hotline phone numbers.


Pacifica focuses on the mental health aspect of addiction recovery. Many addicts also need a mental health program alongside substance-specific treatment to treat not only an addiction but the underlying issues as well. Pacifica applies cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help users avoid the thought and behavioral patterns often attributed to substance abuse. The app also offers a mood tracker and meditation options.


recoveryBox tracks behaviors and triggers that can jeopardize an individual’s sobriety. It uses a traffic light system – green means the least intense and red signifies the most intense. The addiction recovery app can help addicts in recovery apply relapse prevention strategies for alcoholism or drug abuse that meet their needs.


Similar to Pacifica, MindShift tracks and guides recovering addicts who struggle with anxiety. It specifically targets young adults who require mental health assistance. Older adults can also benefit from this app if they’re trying to cope with symptoms of anxiety throughout their recovery.


BetterHelp gives users access to both free and paid counseling, offering professional support in the comfort and privacy of home.

Sober Time

Another solid recovery app is Sober Time. Users can track their sobriety, personal achievements, and connect with a whole community that supports and encourages their sobriety and celebrates milestones together.

Especially during a pandemic, online and mobile addiction recovery help can make a positive difference in your sobriety. Keep in mind that these addiction recovery apps are designed as additional resources that may help you achieve your recovery goals, but they should not replace formal addiction treatment.

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