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The Wildest & Craziest Drug Busts of All Time

The Wildest & Craziest Drug Busts of All Time

Crazy Drug Stories & Outrageous Drug Busts.

Police across the world make drug busts every day, arresting drug dealers and traffickers. From world-scale drug cartel operations to the single person drug deal, there is always something on the news regarding the war on drugs. While most of these typical drug busts are not all that memorable, there are always a few standouts that make worldwide news and leave people flabbergasted. At our outpatient rehab, we are sharing some of the weirdest drug bust stories of all time.

Shrooms, Shrooms. Read All About It

Whiles mums the word for many drug dealers, not everyone can keep their mouth shut. A Denver man’s apartment was raided after suspicions that he was illegally selling psychedelic mushrooms. The kicker is that the man likely ratted himself out. Although psychedelic mushrooms are now legal in the Mile High city, their sale and distribution by average citizens is not. Instead of keeping his business operation quiet, Kole Milner did interviews with various news sites that ultimately led to the discovery of his real identity.2

Polly Want Some Drugs?

Perhaps one of the craziest drug arrests on record, Brazilian police took a parrot into custody after he was believed to be conspiring with his drug-dealing owner who had been busted twice before. When police arrived for the drug raid, the parrot repeatedly warned his owner, “Mummy, police.” Although the warning calls were loud and clear during the wild drug bust, no matter how many crackers they offered the parrot during further interrogation, the bird remained silent. The parrot will live out the remainder of his days behind bars at the Teresina Zoo.3

Florida Man Strikes Again

While not a part of a large-scale drug operation, Florida man-made national news in early 2020 as police confiscated two bags of drugs neatly labeled “Bag Full of Drugs.” Two men were pulled over for a routine traffic stop but ultimately, the stop resulted in the confiscation of several different types of illicit drugs with an estimated street value of $15,450.4 Unfortunately, this is not the first Florida man drug story and it certainly won’t be the last.

Cocaine for Days in LA

Although not as strange as these other drug busts, as one of the world’s biggest drug busts -- or at least one of the more famous drug busts -- it had to make the list. Police seized a record 20 tons of cocaine in the Los Angeles area in 1989. The huge drug bust came after a tip from a neighboring businessman who claimed to have seen suspicious activity at a Sylmar warehouse. At the time, the total drug seizure was estimated to be worth over $6 billion.5

Although these outrageous and strange drug busts can be entertaining, at Pompano drug rehab, we know the serious side of getting involved with drugs. Not only is the drug trade a risky business that’s best to avoid, but using drugs can be just as dangerous. What starts with some experimenting can turn into an addiction. Before you know it, you are in deep and become a part of the next compilation of the craziest drug busts in history. While this series of events can seem farfetched or exaggerated, how do you think these other people made headlines?

At Banyan Pompano, we help people of all different backgrounds overcome substance abuse problems in varying degrees of severity. If you or someone you know is using drugs and cannot seem to quit, our partial hospitalization program could be the answer. Don’t wait until a run-in with the law to get help.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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