Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Opens Up About Pill Addiction

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Opens Up About Pill Addiction

Following the birth of her youngest daughter, Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer tells People that she got sober from an addiction to painkillers.

Not only was Leah struggling with an addiction, but she was also struggling with depression. Back in 2013, Messer was prescribed pills by her doctor after having back pain following the birth of her daughter. Leah Messer’s addiction escalated to the point where she was buying pills off the street.

Leah says, “I felt kind of like a zombie. I don’t really remember some of those times. I don’t remember anyone carrying me to bed. I don’t remember falling asleep with my legs crisscrossed. I thought I was making it. I was barely surviving.” The 28-year-old said that her addiction and depression got to a point where she considered driving her car off a cliff and that’s when she decided she needed to seek treatment for painkiller addiction.

Leah Messer’s Addiction Recovery

After being encouraged by her Teen Mom 2 producer, Leah Messer went into a drug treatment program for a month. Though Leah wanted to be with her daughters, she knew it was in her best interest to get sober so that she could go on to be the best mother she can be to them. On what she learned during her stay at rehab, Leah says, “I was playing victim to my circumstances and had to get rid of the toxic factors in my life. I had to create boundaries, whether it’s family, friends, business. That’s when it all started, and I discovered my own identity.”

Leah Messer’s message to anyone struggling with addiction:

“People don’t have to feel ashamed; they don’t have to feel alone in their battle with addiction. The first step really is to own it and accept it. Want better for your life, want better for your community. It takes opening up and being raw, being vulnerable and allowing others to see who you truly are to begin to heal.”

We love Leah’s inspiring message and hope that it will encourage others to seek treatment for their addiction issues. It’s almost National Recovery Month. If you’re sober, share your story you never know who might need to hear them!

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