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Helpful Books About Addiction for Children

Helpful Books About Addiction for Children

If you were never an addict yourself, it can be hard to understand substance abuse disorders, but addiction is an especially challenging concept for young children to comprehend.

If someone close to the child has an addiction problem or is going away to residential treatment, the child should be given some idea of what is going on.

Unfortunately, explaining addiction to a child is no easy task. You likely are not sure how much you should share and it can be hard to find the words to explain addiction to them that fits their level of understanding. Luckily, there are some books for kids about addiction that can help.

The Best Books on Addiction for Kids

When you can’t find the words yourself to explain heroin addiction, alcohol detox, or relapse, books may be able to help. While addiction is not usually a good bedtime story, there are books for kids about a parent’s addiction or substance abuse issues other people close to them struggle with that can help them gain a better understanding of what is happening as well as why.

If you are struggling to explain addiction to a child, try these books about addiction for kids.

Addie's Mom Isn't Home Anymore

This children’s book about addiction is told from the perspective of a young girl whose mom has an addiction. It recounts the mixed emotions Addie experiences as she struggles to understand why her mother is acting so strange as well as what to do about it. For children with an addicted parent, this book can help them feel like they are not alone. The book is also the first in a series that follows Addie and her mom’s journey with addiction. To help parents, author Genia Calvin has also added notes in the book as an added resource.

Timbia Talks About Addiction

This book about addiction for children is tailored to help those who have a parent with a substance abuse problem. The first draft of this book was written by Trish Healy Luna to help her own children cope with their father’s addiction and death because of it.1 Since then, the story has been transformed into an easy to understand illustrated book that gives children practical ways to cope with their emotions because of their parent’s addiction. This book helps children feel more in control of their emotions even though most things are out of their hands.

An Elephant In the Living Room

Rather than a storybook, An Elephant In the Living Room is an informative book and workbook for children that focuses mainly on alcoholism. The exercises in the book help educate children on alcoholism as well as answer their questions on the topic that they may be too afraid to ask aloud. It can also be a resource for adults reading along.

The Addiction Monster

Like many other books about addiction for children, The Addiction Monster is a tale told from a child’s point of view who has a parent who is an addict. The child in the story talks to a therapist who helps her get a better understanding of addiction. What makes this children’s book unique is that addiction is personified and becomes the villain in the story. This type of outlook helps children separate addiction from the person struggling with substance abuse.

If you are struggling with an addiction or have a loved one with a substance abuse disorder, you should get help immediately, especially if children are involved. Although the addicted individual is the one abusing drugs or alcohol, those closest to them are also suffering because of it. Our Palm Springs rehab center could help you or you loved one get sober. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your children.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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