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The First State-Authorized Medical Marijuana Research Program in Philadelphia

The First State-Authorized Medical Marijuana Research Program in Philadelphia

While many people are talking about legalizing recreational marijuana on a national level, questions about the efficacy of medical marijuana are mostly unanswered.

A lot of people swear by the healing powers of marijuana, but cannabis research is less certain. In order to get a better idea on the effects of medical marijuana specifically, Pennsylvania is leading the charge with the first state-authorized medical marijuana research program in the country.

Cannabis Research at Thomas Jefferson University

Spearheaded by a team at Thomas Jefferson University and Ethos Cannabis located in Bucks County, this Philly medical marijuana research program will be the first of its kind, where academic researchers and a cannabis producer work together. With the backing of a cannabis producer, the researchers can have more control over the exact strains and cannabis products participants use. Although many people are quick to back medicinal marijuana, little research on the topic has been done to prove its efficacy. The goal of this program is to get an answer and determine whether or not cannabis is a viable treatment for serious illnesses.

The medical marijuana research program in Philadelphia will start with two volunteer studies. The first volunteer study will be observational and look at the impact of cannabis use on the quality of life for those who are suffering from a number of serious illnesses including PTSD, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and more. This study hopes to give more insight into whether medicinal marijuana is effective and what aliments it is more helpful for. The other study will use a focus group to learn about the process of obtaining patient certification for Pennsylvania as well as their experiences as cannabis dispensaries. Depending on the results of these two studies, the Philly medical marijuana research program will create new studies.

Because there are a lot of questions still surrounding medical marijuana, users of recreational marijuana need to be more careful. Their doses are not being controlled, and especially if marijuana is being bought on the street, it could be laced with other harmful substances. Many people do not realize that marijuana can be psychologically addictive as well, so they use without realizing that they are becoming so attached to this drug. While this type of addiction is rarer than an addiction to other abused drugs, people should still look for IOP treatment or other program options for help if they find themselves in this situation.

Along with the possibility of a psychological addiction developing, there is evidence to suggest that marijuana is a gateway drug, meaning that its use could lead to the abuse of harder, more addictive drugs. What may start as semi-regular marijuana use could turn into experimentation and eventually dependence on drugs like cocaine or meth. If you find yourself or your loved becoming addicted to a variety of drugs, do not wait to get help. Our Philly partial hospitalization program could save you before more serious problems develop. Not to mention the fact that the interaction of these drugs could lead to more serious problems for a person’s health.

At our drug rehab center in Philadelphia, PA, we work with patients with various substance abuse problems to help them finally quit and move on with their lives. If you or someone you care about is struggling with any kind of drug or alcohol problem, do not be reluctant to seek help.

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