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Tips for Staying Sober in the Summer

Tips for Staying Sober in the Summer

The summer is usually a time of parties, late nights, barbecues, vacations, and time with friends.

For many, it offers some relaxing breaks from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those in recovery, especially those who are newly sober, summer can be a bit intimidating.

How to Stay Sober This Summer

As a Palm Springs drug rehab, we know that sobriety is a choice you need to make every day and some days are more challenging than others. In the summer, when people are more free spirited or have more time on their hands, this can be especially tough, but we want to help. Follow these tips for staying sober in the summer and keeping your recovery on track.

Don’t Get Complacent in Recovery

It is not uncommon for people to get complacent about their recovery, especially if they start to adopt a more laissez faire attitude that sometimes comes with the summer months. Instead of letting this complacency cost you your sobriety, stay active in your recovery. Continue to attend recovery meetings regularly and make them a priority in your schedule. If you miss one from vacation or another event, go to an extra one the following week. Stay connected with your sponsor as well and continue to practice the addiction treatment therapies that you learned in rehab.

Stay Busy

If you are in school or depending on your job, you may have more free time in the summer than you are used to. Boredom can sometimes lead to relapse, so it is important to stay busy. If you have a lot of extra time in the summers, find a part-time job, pick up a new hobby, or volunteer. Staying busy in the summer can keep you from falling back into bad habits.

Find Good Company

One of the ways to make staying sober in the summer easier is to spend time with the right people. It may be tempting to go back to old friends who are around more during the summer, but doing so could cost you your sobriety. Instead, be more particular about who you are with. Choose to spend your time with people who are going to support you in your recovery journey over the summer. A good option is also to connect with people in your rehab alumni program as well.

Avoid Triggers

While a party with your old friends may be tempting, it can also come with many triggers. Be mindful of the situations you put yourself in this summer and what addiction triggers may be present. Try to avoid anything with a lot of triggers that may be too overwhelming. If you do decide to still go, at least have an exit plan in place and someone there to keep you accountable.

Unfortunately, not everyone may make it through the summer sober, but that is okay. If you do relapse, get help immediately to keep it from snowballing into a major problem. At Banyan Palm Springs, we are here to help people find long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one needs help, call us today at 888-280-4763.

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