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Rob Lowe Inspires Others with A Message As He Celebrates 30 Years of Sobriety


On Sunday, May 10th, Rob Lowe reached 30 years of sobriety and took to Instagram to post about it!

The picture of the 56-year-old was captioned with,"30 years ago today, I found a sober life of true happiness and fulfillment. I am filled with gratitude on this anniversary. From a treatment center in Arizona to a bomb shelter in Israel, I have come to know many extraordinary people, and the fellowship of recovery has changed my life and given me gifts beyond my selfish imaginings. If you, or someone you love is struggling with any kind of addiction, there is hope! Love to you all.” To have three decades worth of sobriety is a huge accomplishment and we would like to give a big congratulations to Rob Lowe on his long-term sobriety and being an inspiration to many!

In the 1980s, Rob Lowe struggled with an alcohol addiction, but it became worse after a sex tape had leaked featuring an underage woman. While he had no idea she was a minor, the story became a national scandal. This cost Rob his friends, but it did put everything in perspective for him that he needed to seek treatment for an alcohol addiction. Still hesitant, Rob finally hit rock bottom when his mother was trying to call him to tell him that his grandfather was having a heart attack, but Rob was too drunk to pick up the phone. He saw that he had a business card from someone who could get him into a treatment facility, and finally called the number. Rob Lowe checked himself in to rehab.

To achieve long term sobriety, you have to be dedicated to your recovery every day. Rob Lowe swears by the 12-Step program and the success that he has had from that and rehab shows that recovery is possible!

Rob Lowe’s Sobriety

We are happy that Rob Lowe’s sobriety has been successful for so many years and we wish him continued success. Having 30 years of sobriety is a huge milestone. Though he was involved in scandals, Rob Lowe has continued to be successful in his acting career. He is proof that sobriety is obtainable, possible, and doesn’t have to hinder your goals and achievements.

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