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Getting Sober for Your Kids

Getting Sober for Your Kids

As a parent, you naturally want what is best for your children. Part of this is being the best parent that you can be so that your children grow up to be happy and productive members of society. Unfortunately for some parents, the draw of drugs and alcohol can get in the way of their good parenting and their children can suffer.

Why Getting Sober for Your Children Is Important

As a Palm Springs rehab, we know that addiction affects more than just the addict. When a parent is an addict, it can have a drastic impact on their children in more ways than they may imagine. If you are struggling with a substance abuse problem, maybe it is time you start thinking about getting sober for your kids.

Broken Trust

One of the biggest problems for addict parents’ relationships with their children is broken trust. When a substance abuse problem is present, trust may go out the window. With broken promise after broken promise, basic trust may become weak or diminish all together. If let alone for too long, this broken trust may never mend. Parents are also supposed to be the two people in the world that children can count on the most. When children cannot even trust a parent, it may impact their other relationships. Some children of addicts may struggle to trust others at all even long into adulthood.

Poor Self-Worth

Many addicts can become so consumed with their addiction, that it takes over their life. They begin to prioritize it over everything else, including their children. When a parent continuously chooses drugs or alcohol over them, many children can develop a low self-worth. If their own parent doesn’t value them, why should they value themselves? Low self-esteem in children can also lead to psychological and social problems.1 Getting sober for your kids now at a drug detox center could help improve their self-worth and help them avoid these problems later on.  

Financial Insecurity

Addictions can be expensive. Not only are they an unnecessary drain on your bank account, but they could also be taking away from more necessary purchases. If all of your money is going toward drugs or alcohol, it may be causing your family some financial trouble. While you may be the one who has to worry about paying the bills, this financial strain could also be hurting your children. Your children may be missing out on worthwhile experiences or even, in the worst cases, going hungry because of your addiction.

Follow in Your Footsteps

It is no surprise that children learn a lot of what they know from their parents. This knowledge extends beyond facts and figures to include basic behaviors and habits. Your children look up to you. They are likely to consciously and even sub-consciously follow in your footsteps in some ways. If the example you are setting for your children includes substance abuse, your children may be more likely to follow the same path. Instead, set a good example by entering a residential addiction treatment program and showing your children that it is okay to ask for help and you can overcome addiction.

If you are a parent who has a substance abuse disorder, it is time to get sober for your children. At Banyan Palm Springs, we will help you through every step of the process and help you prepare for life outside of treatment and back with your family.

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