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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating in Recovery

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From blind dates to heartbreak, dating can be difficult.

While dating is hard enough, dating in recovery comes with even more added challenges. If you are sober, you may be struggling to balance your dating life and your sobriety, but this doesn’t have to be an impossible feat.

Tips for Dating in Recovery

Dating as a recovering addict or alcoholic can be uncharted territory that you may be struggling to navigate. With so many added considerations, it can be difficult to know how to date sober and still enjoy yourself. To help, our Philly addiction treatment center is sharing a few tips on dating in recovery to make it easier.

Take Your Time

Instead of jumping right into dating and a relationship, it is important that you take the time to work on yourself and focus on your needs. Recovery is a big transition with a lot of room for personal growth. You don’t want to get lost in your relationship when you are still learning who you are without drugs or alcohol.

Continue Your Treatment

Even though you may have completed that Philly PHP program a year ago, it doesn’t mean that your recovery is over. Dating can cause you to feel vulnerable and expose you to new situations that can tempt you to start drinking or using again. While continued therapy, support groups, or treatment of some kind is recommended anyway, doing so when you are first dating in recovery especially can help you overcome any temptations and help keep you on track.

Be Honest

There is a fine line between oversharing on the first date and divulging your secret way too late in the relationship.  While you do not need to go into all the cringe-worthy details of your time at rock bottom on your first outing, it can be helpful to be honest sooner rather than later. You can simply start by saying that you do not drink, or you are in recovery and share more information as you get more comfortable with the person you are dating, and time goes on. Not only will this be a weight off your shoulders, but it can also weed out anyone who is not okay with it before the relationship goes too far.

Be Careful Who You Date

Especially for dating in early recovery, be careful who you choose to get involved with. At this time, you are still vulnerable and sensitive to drug triggers so you should try to avoid dating someone who may get you off track in your recovery. Focus on someone who you feel would fit well into the new, sober lifestyle that you are creating for yourself.

Try Dating Someone Sober

If temptation is too much or being around someone who drinks is not someone you want, try finding someone who is sober as well. With sober dating apps, sober dating sites, and sober support groups, there are plenty of ways to meet and connect with other people who are in recovery. Not only can you support each other’s recovery journey, but you will also be able to understand each other on a deeper level.

Put Your Sobriety

If dating in recovery is making you feel like you could relapse, it is time to take a step back. Especially if you have already relapsed, you may want to enter an addiction outpatient program or other treatment plan. Having a relationship is nice but having control of your life and a bright future is better. Your sobriety should be your number one priority, so if dating is jeopardizing this, stop. Once you become more confident in your sobriety, you can try dating once more.

Whether you have yet to start your sober journey or you recently relapsed, you do not need to go it alone.

At Banyan Philadelphia, we are here to walk with you through every step of the process. Call us today at 888-280-4763 to learn more.

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