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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Kindergarten Heroin Arrest in Massachusetts

Kindergarten Heroin Arrest in Massachusetts

When a five-year-old boy brought a baggie of drugs to his Holyoke, Massachusetts kindergarten classroom, his teacher was shocked.

The bag had a Spiderman stamp on the packet and the child told his teacher that “he puts it in his mouth.” The kindergartener found the drugs in the living room of his home, which was confirmed when police searched the apartment and found 170 bags of heroin and 38 bags of what they believe is cocaine.1

The boy’s father, Benny Garcia, has been arrested and is facing criminal charges. As Garcia was arrested by officials, bags of white powder fell from his person.2 His five-year-old son told teachers that when he put the contents of the Spiderman stamped bag in his mouth, he felt like the superhero. The child was taken to the hospital where doctors determined he is safe from any effects. 2

Understanding the Kindergarten Heroin Arrest in Massachusetts

  This heartbreaking story that led to Garcia’s heroin arrest in Massachusetts shows how dangerous these drugs can be. Luckily, the child appears to be unharmed and in safe hands now. But the availability of heroin in his home is a major concern. Heroin is a highly dangerous drug and if the drugs were cut with other substances like fentanyl, things could have turned deadly quickly.

Treating Heroin Addiction in Massachusetts

  Garcia’s large stockpiles of heroin and cocaine and the common stamp across all the baggies may show intent to distribute those baggies. Heroin addiction is a major problem in Massachusetts, and this recent arrest shows that dangerous situations exist to push the availability of heroin in Massachusetts. The best thing someone who is struggling with substance abuse can do is get sober. It will not only save your own life, but it may save the lives of other people who are endangered by heroin addiction and distribution.

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It’s time to put your recovery first. Contact our team to learn more about our program for heroin addiction treatment in Massachusetts.

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