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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

What Alcohol Does to Your Skin

What Alcohol Does to Your Skin

Most people know about alcohol’s harmful effects on the body, but few realize that their alcohol addiction may also be causing skin problems like fungal infections, dry skin, and bloating.

The first step to treating alcoholic skin conditions is to get sober with alcoholism addiction treatment in Heartland. If your drinking continues, it will be nearly impossible to keep your skin looking its best, as regular alcohol consumption, especially high levels of alcohol consumption that contributes to alcoholism, will keep damaging your skin.

Common Alcoholic Skin Disorders

  There are many alcoholic skin conditions linked to the physical effects of alcoholism. Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits, as many alcoholics struggle with dehydration. This can cause dry skin, more visible wrinkles, and an overall droopy appearance.1 But other alcoholic skin conditions can be more frightening.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, the dangers of this alcohol addiction are more than skin deep. The costs of alcoholism include job loss and even deadly alcohol-related illnesses. Get sober with help from Banyan Heartland, call 888-280-4763.

Other skin problems alcoholics face are more serious than dryness, such as increased fungal infections throughout the skin. Alcohol can weaken your immune system, making heavy drinkers and alcoholics more susceptible to fungal infections.2

Other serious skin complications of alcoholism include harsh sensitivity to sunlight, jaundice, rosacea, itching, scalp rash, and other vascular reactions.3 Alcohol has also been linked to psoriasis, with evidence suggesting that people who drink are more likely to develop this skin condition.4

How to Fix Alcoholic Skin Damage

  Now that you know what alcohol does to your skin and how addiction affects your appearance, it’s time to get sober. After all, if alcoholism is wreaking so much havoc on your skin, it can be frightening to think about what it’s doing to the rest of your body. Alcoholism and addiction can harm your skin, your liver, your heart, and even your brain. The first step in treating the problems caused by alcoholism and addiction is to find your sobriety. Get sober and reclaim your health. Our team at Banyan Heartland is here to help.

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