If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926
If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Recovering Addicts


The season of giving is fast approaching. The mall is becoming crowded and packages are starting to appear regularly outside people’s front doors.

You have your list of ideas, but for your loved one who just got out rehab, your mind is blank. A thoughtful gift can mean a lot to someone who is struggling with their new sobriety but finding the perfect gift for a recovering addict isn’t always easy. Do not worry. Our Philadelphia addiction treatment center is sharing a list of gifts for recovering addicts that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

The Best Gifts For Recovering Addicts

Whether you need a special holiday gift, or you are looking for a good birthday present, we have the list of gifts for recovering alcoholics or drug addicts.

A Fun Activity or Experience

Especially if your loved one just got out of treatment like a partial hospitalization program, their hard work should be rewarded. Show them that you are proud of them for getting sober with plans for an activity that they would enjoy. This could be anything from tickets to a show to a sky diving adventure together. Just remember to avoid any places or activities with drug triggers. A fun activity also reminds the person in recovery of how great life can be without drugs or alcohol.

Recovery Resources

Recovery is a lifelong journey. It can be hard work and a frequent struggle. One way to help your loved one is to get them a gift that will help them with their recovery journey. Many people in recovery find that journaling can help maintain sobriety. Getting your loved one a personalized sober journal could be just what they need. Other people may find solace in reading books related to recovery. Some people may enjoy an inspirational quote-of-the-day calendar. Still, another person could be leaning on their faith and a personalized Bible with their sobriety anniversary could be the perfect gift for them.

Explore A New Hobby

Addiction can often leave a void for someone in recovery that can be hard to fill. Now that they no longer have regular addiction therapies to fill their time, boredom can set in. This free time could lead them to fall back into bad habits. Help them fill this time with a fun new and healthy hobby that they have always wanted to try. Sign up together for a dance class, cooking class, yoga, or art class. Get them started with an abundance of gardening seeds to let them finally test out their green thumb. Get them a fishing rod and go out on the water together. The possibilities are endless.

A Spa Day or At-Home Kit

For many people in recovery, life without drugs or alcohol can be stressful and the holidays can often make matters worse. When your loved one is feeling overwhelmed, it is important that they can relax. Anyone would enjoy a professional massage, so get them a gift card to a local spa. If you don’t want to spend that much, go with a home spa gift like bath bombs, essential oils, a foot massager, a back massager, candles, nice slippers or a weighted blanket.

Finding gifts for recovering addicts doesn’t have to be so hard. It is important to just be mindful of the fact that they are in recovery and to lean on what you know they enjoy.

If your loved one still hasn’t taken that first step to recovery, we may be able to help. With professional drug intervention services in Philadelphia and a variety of treatment programs, you may still be able to give your loved one the greatest gift of all, sobriety.

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