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Making Sobriety a Journey with Adventure Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Making Sobriety a Journey with Adventure Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Rollercoasters and thrill rides are popular for many reasons, and the spirit of adventure and excitement they ignite can be quite the thrill.

Excitement and adventure aren’t just fun, there are psychological and physical benefits to adventure too. At Banyan Heartland, we offer adventure therapy for addiction treatment, and there are proven mental health and addiction recovery benefits to this type of therapy.

What Is Adventure Therapy?

  Adventure therapy is a therapeutic approach in which patients are guided in a group setting through activities, either indoors or outdoors, that are designed to challenge patients and foster self-growth. When administered by guided mental health professionals and proper safety experts, adventure therapy can bring many benefits for patients who are recovering from addiction, mental health disorders, and OCD issues such as a scab picking disorder.

Adventure therapy sessions can last for short term or long-term sessions. In some instances, patients may be guided on outdoor excursions that put them in situations that warrant greater growth. Adventure therapy can also be offered in-house, where patients engage in exciting activities designed for this type of therapy.

The Psychological Benefits of Adventure Therapy

  So, what are the benefits of adventure therapy? Adventure therapy for addiction treatment is a type of kinesthetic mental health therapy that brings many benefits. Benefits of adventure therapy include:

  • Easier application of therapeutic concepts to everyday life
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Greater improvement of cognitive function
  • Better control of behaviors and emotions
  Additionally, adventure therapy for addiction treatment can strengthen the patient-therapist relationship, which helps patients get the most from their treatment. 1 Adventure therapy can strengthen important qualities of the patient-therapist relationship, such as trust and respect. When patients and therapists have a strong bond of trust, therapists are able to help patients to the best of their abilities. 2

Sobriety Is An Adventure

  At our Heartland rehab, we know that sobriety is an adventure. When you view sobriety as an adventure, each experience in recovery is a learning opportunity for growth. Adventures give us the opportunity to learn from our experiences, overcome our fears, and improve our confidence.

At our residential drug and alcohol treatment in Gilman, we offer many types of therapy for recovery, including adventure therapy for addiction treatment.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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