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Ruby Rose Gets Real About Her Mental Health


You may know Ruby Rose from Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” and the movie “Pitch Perfect 3”.

She started off her career with modeling and soon became a television personality, but just because her life has been projected as glamorous, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t struggle with her own inner demons.   The 33-year-old took to Instagram to post about her mental health struggles, which all started during her childhood. She wrote, “I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life. I was first diagnosed with depression at 13, then major depressive disorder at 16. When I was 18, I found out I had dissociative amnesia.” Ruby didn’t remember a few years of her life due to a few traumatic events that were kept a secret from her because doctors had told her mother that she was too young to process them.  

Ruby Rose Mental Health Diagnosis

  She was diagnosed with Bipolar for a while until she found out she was misdiagnosed, and doctors said she was depressed. Throughout the course of her childhood, she was hospitalized and tried to commit suicide at age 12. Ruby went on to find out she had Complex PTSD in which she found out through tests and therapy.   Ruby ended her Instagram post by saying, “You can’t judge people at all because you can never know what they have been through. It’s that self-love and self-care is more important than anything else.”   In her Instagram post, Ruby Rose is helping to reduce the stigmas that surround mental illness and mental health disorders. Far too many people with mental health disorders hesitate to get the help they need due to fear of judgement. But Ruby Rose is showing that mental health problems can happen to anyone, but a brighter future is waiting, you just have to get help.  

The Importance of Mental Health TreatmentMental health treatment can help anyone who is facing depression, thoughts of suicide, etc. If you are struggling with mental health issues, know that there is help available. Our team at Banyan Mental Health can help get you on the right path and guide you to a better tomorrow.  

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