Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Reveals She Suffered A Pill Addiction In An Open Letter

Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Reveals She Suffered A Pill Addiction In An Open Letter

23-year-old Clara McGregor took to Instagram where she posted a note she wrote about her mental health issues in which she struggles with “crippling” anxiety and depression.

She says she’s gone to therapy since she was young, and it has helped her greatly. Due to her anxiety, she was struggling with substance abuse, abusing Xanax.

Often, those who struggle with untreated mental health disorders also struggle with addiction, which is known as a dual diagnosis disorder.

Despite her pill addiction, Clara is proud to say that she has been sober for 110 days! “I was so ashamed of my addiction, of my anxiety, of my depression. I was ashamed of the abuse I had let happen to me”, Clara says. She goes on to say that she was beaten and raped, but she has regained her power. It’s been a rough year for Clara, but she says, “I feel so loved and blessed with where I am now. Thank you to those who helped me through my darkest times.”

We should never be ashamed to talk about our struggles and we thank Clara for opening up about the difficult things she has had to go through and deal with.

Evidence of Clara McGregor’s Co-Occurring Disorder

What Clara has been going through sounds like a co-occurring disorder. Dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorder) is when someone suffers from both substance abuse issues as well as mental health issues. People who are dealing with a dual diagnosis need co-occurring disorder treatment if they’re going to get and stay sober. She may also be struggling with trauma disorders associated with the difficulties she has faced.

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