The Connection Between College Binge Drinking and Eating Disorders

The Connection Between College Binge Drinking and Eating Disorders

Binge drinking is a common problem on almost any college campus, where students often succumb to peer pressure at parties and other events.

As a parent of a child heading off to their first semester at college, or perhaps another semester, it’s important to understand the college binge drinking numbers and what this dangerous habit may mean for your child’s nutritional health. If you fear that your child is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, our alcohol detox program in Stuart, Florida can help.

College Binge Drinking Statistics

The statistics regarding college binge drinking are frightening, showing high rates of alcohol consumption by surveyed college students. Statistics show that 58% of full-time college students aged 18-22 consumed alcohol within the past month, and 37.9% reported binge drinking within the past month.1 This is at a higher rate than young adults of the same age who are not enrolled in college full-time.

If your college-aged child is struggling with binge drinking or alcoholism, call 888-280-4763 to speak with an admissions counselor from our team. We offer alcohol detox, treatment, and therapy for recovery. Sobriety can turn your child’s life around.

Binge Drinking and Eating Disorders

Binge drinking is associated with a wide range of health problems including alcohol-related illnesses throughout the body. But for college students, there is another consequence of binge drinking – disordered eating. Both male and female college students are susceptible to malnutrition binge drinking issues and binge eating problems as well.

For female students, the disordered eating associated with heavy alcohol consumption is more along the lines of malnutrition. This is because female college students who binge drink are more likely to skip meals, fast, use diet pills, laxatives, or become bulimic.2 Both male and female college students who binge drink are also susceptible to binge eating which comes with its own challenges.2

Treating Binge Drinking and Alcoholism

On its own, binge drinking can cause considerable health problems and additional concerns. When combined with disordered eating, the problems worsen. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we can help your child, friend, or loved one get and stay sober.

Call 888-280-4763 to learn how we can help with our medically proven approach to alcohol detox and treatment.


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