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How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

When you’re starting on the treatment path, you may be wondering how long you’ll be in rehab.

The drug treatment process does take time, and it’s important to recognize that true healing cannot be rushed. That being said, there are some averages for the amount of time in rehab based on addiction type and treatment type. Our Banyan rehab staff shares common amounts of time that our patients spend in treatment.

If you have specific questions about recovery, treatment, or the rehab process, contact our team at Banyan Treatment Centers today. We can help incoming patients and their loved ones understand the treatment process including intake, average treatment times, and any additional questions they may have.

How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

The drug treatment process generally lasts for 90 days, but commitment to sobriety is a lifelong endeavor that requires constant work and effort. Even after a patient completes the drug treatment process, they need to attend meetings regularly to stay on track in their recovery.

In regards to inpatient treatment and structured treatment programs at our Banyan Treatment Centers family of facilities, the exact patient needs will dictate the amount of time they spend with us. The general amount of time in rehab, specifically an inpatient facility, varies depending on specific patient needs. Our 2018 Substance Abuse Patient Outcome Study identifies some averages for time spent in each step of treatment:

  • Detox – 5.98 Days
  • Residential Treatment – 11.53 Days
  • Stabilization Program – 13.80 Days
  • PHP Care – 20.63 Days
  • IOP Treatment – 29.52 Days
  • OP Treatment – 42.99 Days

The above durations are an average for the amount of time patients spend in our various programs at Banyan Treatment Centers for 2018. Patients at our nationwide drug rehab facilities may not enter every stage of the treatment process, so the exact amount of time you spend in rehab will vary depending on your needs. For example, stabilization programs for addiction recovery are generally attended by patients who have relapsed, so not all patients may take this step-in recovery.

How Does Drug Rehabilitation Work?

Drug rehab works by addressing the multifaceted factors that lead to active addiction. First, patients must complete drug detox, such as medically monitored detox, to get the drugs and alcohol they were addicted to out of their system. Then, inpatient treatment can begin. To learn more about the drug rehab process, call our team at 888-280-4763.

To learn more about the drug rehab process, call our team at 888-280-4763.


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