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Staying Sober in Philadelphia

Independence Hall

You just completed your benzo addiction treatment in Philadelphia.

Your rehab center should have given you the tools you need to stay sober now that you are ready to walk out their doors, but it can be a scary world out there for someone new to recovery. While the allure of tailgating or the draw of Queen Village is tempting, these are best to be avoided. Luckily there are plenty of sober things to do in Philadelphia.

Sober Things to Do in Philadelphia To Prevent a Relapse

You just spent all that time getting PHP treatment in Philadelphia; do not let it go to waste by throwing everything out the window. At Banyan Philadelphia, we are sharing our tips on how to not drink or do drugs in the City of Brotherly Love and still have a great time.

  1. Explore the History
    Most people think of Boston when they think about American history, but Philadelphia was once the nation’s capital and it has a lot of history still lingering in the bustling metropolis from the American Revolutionary War especially. These sober activities in Philly give you the opportunity to be a tourist in your own city. Go on an actual tour at Independence Hall, check out the Betsy Ross house instead of just walking by it, and explore Independence National Historical Park (hint: it houses so much more than just the Liberty Bell.) You can also check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It could keep you busy for hours.
  2. Philadelphia Magic Garden
    Not a history or museum buff? That is okay too. There are still plenty of sober activities in Philadelphia for you to enjoy. Our Philadelphia rehab center highly recommends the magic gardens in South Philly. While still artsy, this mosaic garden is a wonder to behold and certainly a must-see.
  3. Eat the Local Cuisine
    If you know anything about Philly, you know that they love their cheesesteak. While not the fanciest of local cuisine choices, if you are a true Philadelphian, you need to go on a Segway cheesesteak tour. Do not turn up your nose at the tourists; instead, join them. You just might find a new favorite. If not, the Segway is still fun.
  4. Spend Time With Other Sober People
    This is perhaps the best tip we can give you to find non-drinking activities in Philly or to avoid environments that will trigger drug cravings. Recovery should have provided you with a solid support system. If you are dedicated to staying sober in Philadelphia, you should spend your time with other sober people from your program. Instead of your other friends who may be looking to hit the bars, other recovering addicts will be interested in avoiding these situations as well. You can keep each other honest.

If you or someone you love is struggling to get sober, get professional help. By contacting us at 888-280-4763, you can get started.

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