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Former Playboy Model Jessica Landon Discusses Her Severe Alcohol Addiction


Former Playboy model Jessica Landon moved to LA at 19 thinking she was living the dream.

Due to an incident of molestation at the young age of 5, she felt “anxious, empty, and ashamed”, causing her to feel empty. Recently, Jessica Landon’s alcoholism became a major topic of discussion, with the model talking about her challenges that led to her drinking struggles.

The Factors that Contributed to Jessica Landon’s Alcohol Addiction

Landon associated early childhood trauma with her alcoholism. She started numbing her pain with alcohol, trying to fill the void. By the time she turned 26, she was a 24-hour-a-day vodka drinker. Jessica says, “So I kept vodka in a water bottle next to my bed to chug if I accidentally slept too long and hit withdrawals.”

Landon became homeless, living in a stranger’s attic where she would vomit blood constantly. One day, she fell and hit her head, causing a brain hemorrhage that needed to be drained, but due to the fact that she had to be detoxed from alcohol first, she started to have seizures. This led to her requiring emergency brain surgery. She recovered, but unfortunately relapsed. She was so weak from her alcohol addiction that she couldn’t get up to use the bathroom, having to urinate where she lay. The acid started eating away at her skin and she developed a staph infection.

Jessica Landon’s Alcohol Addiction and Road to Recovery

After being in 9 alcohol addiction treatment centers, Jessica was able to turn her life around. She is now 5 years sober, is at a healthy weight, and is helping others as a recovery coach to help people get and stay sober. She defied the odds. Jessica says, “No matter how bad it is or how low you think you are; it is always possible to turn it all around. If I can get sober, anyone can.”

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